Faster email marketing: Five tips on getting your email marketing campaigns out faster

Managing your email marketing can feel like a slow and painful process when resource is tight.

It’s time to work smarter – not harder. Here’s a whistle stop tour of our top tools to improve the speed, efficiency and productivity of your email marketing.

1. Automate your emails

Setting-up a comprehensive automated email strategy will improve the efficiency and productivity of your email marketing. It means you don’t need to spend time deciding when to send your emails and who should receive them.

Our PureTargeting tool allows you to automatically trigger emails when an individual performs a certain action or behaviour. And as automated emails are timely and relevant to the consumer’s behaviour they are eight times more likely to be opened than broadcast campaigns (Experian, 2010).

There are hundreds of opportunities to automate emails – order confirmations, cart abandonment, welcome emails and re-engagement campaigns that are triggered when you’ve not heard from a customer for a while. So next time you’re pulling your hair out trying to juggle multiple campaigns, think about which ones you can automate.

2. Build your database in your sleep

The success of your email marketing is only limited by the quality of your data. But it can take time and effort to build-up a productive database.

Forget purchasing email lists – these have a notoriously low conversion rate. The best way to grow your database is organically, which means getting people to give you their contact details.

Our PurePromotions tool takes the hard work out of building your database by incentivising people to submit their details – meaning you don’t need to desperately contact people to generate leads. By engaging your audience with prize draws, sweepstakes, quizzes, contests and polls you can collect data while rewarding them. The tool can promote them on your social channels and asks people to submit their details to take part. It can help grow your database by up to 20%.

3. Integrate your system

Downloading lists, transferring data and uploading information all takes time and are prone to human error. All too often systems can’t cope and the whole process of working with multiple marketing tools becomes exhausting.

Using an integrated system will improve your efficiency. It could be time to look at platforms that offer you a range of functions such as our newly developed Marketing Suite. The suite allows you access to a combination of functions that you may have previously used different systems for. Now you can send campaigns, build your database, target and segment customers as well as analyse the results – all within one tool.

This means you no longer need to consolidate your data and analysis from different tools meaning you can improve your efficiency and productivity instantly.

4. Stop manually manipulating your data

Collecting, manipulating and analysing data manually is a slow process. Reduce the time you spend on data manipulation and analysis by using technology to do the work for you.

Our PureIntelligence solution allows you to combine, analyse and segment your data in one centralised hub giving you a single customer view. From here you can use the tool to quickly gain insights on trends and patterns across your audience’s behaviour, demographic information and transactional history. You can then access templated best practice customer segments allowing you to easily group your audience into logical segments based on engagement, frequency of purchase, level of spend and how recently they purchased from you.

This enables you to analyse and target your campaigns faster using valuable insight to develop your strategy. And with less time needed to prepare and consolidate your data, you can reduce analysis time by up to 80%.

5. Automatically tailor your content to the recipient

Using dynamic content allows you to automatically tailor the content of each email around the recipient’s interests or behaviours. It will reduce the time you spend creating different versions of emails as it will insert the most relevant content to the recipient when you send the email.

You can quickly insert targeted content such as personalised articles, images, product promotions and calls-to-action based on the recipient’s demographics, preferences, purchase history or online activity. It will reduce the time you spend creating different versions of emails as it will automatically insert the most relevant content to the recipient when you send the email.

Hopefully you now have a bit of a clearer idea of how to get more done and get better results, without having to magic more time out of thin air, or clone yourself.

The technology is there and ready to use, so next time you wish you could speed things up then give us a call – we might just be able to save you hours of number crunching, production time and analysis.

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