Expert highlights readability and deliverability email tips

An email marketing expert has highlighted a number of tips that can help drive maximum engagement.

Digital evangelist Sundeep Kapur, who believes email is one of the main drivers of digital engagement – according to – hopes that all email marketers are making their messages easy on the eye, increasing readability for the user.

“Make sure that you have less text that is well spaced out and that your content is highlighted. Reduce the fine print to what is required and put in pictures that are relevant,” said Kapur, writing for “Pictures help break the monotony of reading and help with cognition.”

In addition, he highlights the importance of the subject line, which helps to draw the consumer in. Users tend to get multiple emails per day so it is important for marketers to create a strong, powerful subject line to entice the user to open the email. He suggests using words like ‘proven’, ‘exclusive’ and ‘limited number’.

Marketers should also be checking for ‘deliverability’, advises Kapul, as well as checking the fully analysed results of a campaign before scheduling the next one.

He said: “Start by checking the spam score, include multi-part messaging, avoid spam traps and spam words, and keep checking your bounces. Make sure that you are honouring the subscribe and un-subscribe process. It is also important to ensure that the reputation of your IP addresses is above board.”