Emails must be targeted properly, Secret Marketer suggests

Emails must be targeted properly to the recipient, according to Marketing Week’s most famous anonymous writer – the Secret Marketer.

In his latest column, the Secret Marketer explained why this is, using his own experiences to back up his claims.

Writing for, the undercover marketing expert revealed his own personal frustrations. He said: “I get at least 10 emails a day from data-list providers. You know the sort: ‘Hi – are you looking for targeted email lists?… Can set up a call and discuss further? – Patricia’.

“Well no, Patricia. You see, although you guarantee data accuracy and verification, I don’t believe you. Why? Because you have sent me the same email over 20 times in the past six months and although each time I have clicked the ‘un-subscribe’ button, they still keep coming. What’s more, I have had the same worded email from Ashley and Kaitlyn and Shannon.”

His comments may well resonate with people throughout the world who, after voluntarily signing up for emails regarding a product or service they love, have been inundated with spam messages. It demonstrates just how crucial it is that those utilising email marketing ensure they respect the wishes of their recipients, provide them with only relevant information and don’t bombard them with messages until they reply.

“The sad thing is I am looking for some customer data,” the Secret Marketer concluded, implying that if ‘Patricia’ had taken the time to figure out what exactly the recipient wanted, she could have found success.

His advice is nothing new, given that recently urged marketers to keep their emails as relevant as possible; meaning that email marketers should really listen up and make a change if they want to achieve success.