Email marketing success is simple, expert says

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complex, according to expert James Debano; in fact, its success is quite simple to guarantee.

Writing for, Debano – who writes his own marketing blog – claimed that there are a few easy guidelines marketers can follow in order to create an effective email marketing campaign.

“Stop selling all the time and embrace effective email marketing techniques,” Debano urged. “Simple guidelines so that your audience does not become bored and frustrated at the mere sight of your name sitting at the top of their inbox.”

So often, marketers touch their audience with a relevant, unique piece of content; so much so that a person is inclined to sign up for regular emails. Then, they are bombarded with useless content that means nothing to them – the key is to avoid this, Debano continued. “Send free information that is related to the topic that your subscriber showed an interested in,” he advised.

“Don’t feel the need to take them to a sales page every time,” Debano added, also stating that a “simple video” or a “clickable image” can help keep the emails interesting.

What’s more, interacting on a more emotional level will really help encourage recipients to take notice of an email. “Enticing conversation” is crucial, as is sharing with recipients the human side of those sending the email – perhaps through an anecdote or personal opinion on a relevant subject.

Taking on this advice could really improve the response to an email marketing campaign, Debano concluded on