The similarities between email marketing and speed dating: What email marketers can learn from the aficionados of flirting

When it comes to the opposite sex, some people are cool and graceful, while others trip over on their way to the dancefloor and spill a drink all over the object of their affection. Unfortunately we can’t all be naturally smooth when wooing and flirting – but perhaps there’s something we can learn from those who are.

Take speed dating, for example. Cool, comfortable and confident people would have no trouble whatsoever in talking to a bunch of random strangers in quick bursts all whilst trying to look and sound impressive. It’s a lot harder for everyone else; out of nerves they might use 30 words when five will do, put the wrong message across, and ultimately fail to clinch a second date. If an experienced flirty speed-dater spent a few hours with a nervous novice, we’re sure there would be a big impact.

Now, maybe it’s just us, but the whole speed dating thing seems to closely resemble email marketing. Let us explain – here’s how email marketers can learn from the aficionados of flirting.

It’s going to get crowded

Speed dating is still incredibly popular despite the undeniable rise of internet dating and mobile dating apps. That means that in our hypothetical speed dating room it’s going to get a little crowded, so you might want to join the queue sooner rather than later. By the time you get to sit down at the table of the object of your affection, they will have already had speedy dates with all of the other people ahead of you.

So, what can you learn from this as an email marketer? Well, a flirting aficionado will know the exact right time to join the queue in order to arrive at the table at the most optimal time. And how do they know this? Because they’ve done it over and over again.

Email marketers can figure out the optimal times to send their emails through testing, testing and more testing. Only through trial and error, list segmentation, and data analysis will you find the best times to hit send and have the most impact on your target audience.

Stand out from the pack

As it’s so crowded, you’re also going to have to stand out from the rest in order to win hearts. The speed dating regular always dresses to impress, has a fresh haircut right before the event, and smells divine. They do it because they know that, while true beauty is on the inside, looking good on the outside certainly doesn’t hurt.

So, what can you learn from this as an email marketer? Well, the true beauty of your email will be on the inside – when the recipient opens it – but looking good on the outside helps a lot – i.e. your ‘from name’ and subject line.

The flirting aficionado may spend a couple of hours choosing an outfit and getting ready – make sure you do the same in order to craft the perfect subject line, and give yourself more than enough time to test out multiple variations of ‘from name’ and subject line to determine which works best.

You only get to make one first impression

This is something the flirting aficionado has mastered down to a T. You only get to make one first impression, and you’ve only got a couple of seconds to make it good. In the world of speed dating, the regulars will practice their opening statements, ice-breakers and smiles; so that when the big day comes they’re confident.

So, what can you learn from this as an email marketer? Well, your emails too have only got a couple of seconds to have an impact, both when they first land in the inbox and again once the email has been opened. You have to make a good impression, and you can do that by spending time designing a stylish and effective template which wows your recipients. Your copy needs to be up to scratch too, and then there’s your call to action…

Turn on the irresistible charm

Once the speed date and conversation is in full flow, it’s here that the flirting aficionado really turns on the charm. They have a way of seeming irresistible to the person sitting opposite them. They’re caring, attentive and kind.

So, what can you learn from this as an email marketer? Well, your email copy and call-to-action have to be irresistible to your recipients. You need to explain the value of your special offer, product or service, discount code etc., preferably as succinctly as possible. Don’t just send out the first few scribbles you jot down – take the time to craft effective email copy.

And when you get to the call to action, make sure it’s enticing enough that the recipient wants to find out more…

Conversion = second date

For the flirting afficionados, they always leave their speed date partners wanting more. The object of their affection ends the date wanting to get to know them better; to find out what they like and dislike; to find out where they work etc. Because of this, a second date is on the cards. The speed date has been a success.

So, what can you learn from this as an email marketer? Well, it’s all about the call to action; it’s all about the user experience; it’s all about the design, it’s all about the copy, it’s all about the time you sent it, it’s all about your ‘from name’ and subject line. Your recipient, like the object of affection, wants to get to know your brand and your offer better; they want to see what products and services are available; they want to find out if the product could work for them. All of these things add up to make your email a success, and that ends with a conversion.

When you’re sending your next email, you should feel relaxed. There will be no tripping over and embarassing yourself. Your emails will be cool and graceful, and they’ll get that second date. All you have to do is be prepared.