Eight great fonts for your email designs

1. Comic Sans

This smart, stylish font has been under the radar for far too long, but we’re predicting a breakout year in 2015 for Comic Sans. Like the colour black, it goes with everything. Ideal for banks, law firms, credit card companies and basically any business looking for a sleek and professional image, Comic Sans is an email designer’s dream typography.

OK – if you’re still reading this then either you’re unaware of what Comic Sans looks like, or you probably realise we’re yanking your chain. Without further ado, in alphabetical order, here’s the real list of our eight favourite fonts right now.

2. Aleo

Now in its third year of availability, this contemporary slab serif font is clean, inviting, and a fantastic all-rounder – great for both body text and email headings. Aleo manages to maintain a strong personality while ensuring that its readability isn’t compromised. With more and more emails being read on small mobile devices, readability is key.

3. Canter

Canter combines class and contemporary with a vintage cinematic feel. An all caps typeface, Canter is available in six different weights making it ideal for poster-style emails or restaurant menu email designs. Whatever the style, it’s a pleasure for email designers to work with.

4. Corbert Condensed Italic

Modern italic fonts will never go out of style, and if you’re going to settle down with just one in your style guide then you could do a lot worse than Corbert Condensed. Often compared to Bauhaus and modernist era designs, the Corbert family of fonts is known for its ability to really get the most out of the space it’s given – music to the ears of an email designer.

5. Deming

Whether you plan to use it for big sprawling headlines or tight paragraph copy, Deming is an elegant, all-caps display face. Often used for wedding invitations and ‘save the date’ messages, it’ll make a great typeface for fun, personalised emails; particularly those inviting the recipient to an event or encouraging them to engage with a special offer.

6. Fenix STD

With its foundations based in calligraphy, it’s no surprise that Fenix STD is a popular font choice for designers adding long stretches of copy into their emails. With strong serifs, Fenix STD really utilises space on each line and has a natural feel that works brilliantly in responsive designs. Reading it is effortless.

7. Homizio Nova

Easily recognisable from its common use in magazine design for headlines and stand firsts, Homizio Nova brings a cosy and contemporary aesthetic to email design. No pretence, no style over substance; this font simply gets the job done, and that’s exactly what you’ll want from your email marketing, too.

8. Modern Brush

Modern Brush isn’t just a clever name; it’s fresh, feels hand-painted and natural, and looks fantastic. While the font doesn’t break new ground, its bold letters provide a crisp, organic touch to email designs which opt for a ‘less is more’ approach. You could just as easily imagine it on a wedding invitation as you could a rock band’s album cover.

Look Up

Easily the craziest font on our list, Look Up is a youthful burst of energy that’s sure to please many young recipients. Its playful nature lends itself to the fashion and art world brilliantly; with little arrows aligned with the edges of each letter. It has a home-made collage theme which we’re sure will point recipients in the right direction: clicking on your call to actions.

What fonts do you use within your emails? Are there any you couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comments section!