Common Personalisation Challenges and How to Overcome Them

A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing no longer cuts the mustard. And marketers know it.

The industry is well and truly agreed on the need to personalise. Marketing blogs are brimming with articles extolling the virtues of personalisation.

But when it comes to implementation, reality hits (and stress levels rise). Many marketing teams come up against some unenviably tough challenges.

If horror stories from your marketing peers have led you to dread implementing personalisation, we’re here to allay your fears.

In this blog post, we explore some common personalisation challenges and equip you with the tools you’ll need to overcome them.

Data hygiene and disparate data

Your ability to personalise is only as good as your data. Yours needs to be accessible and clean.

Gaps, errors, and a reliance on legacy data make it hard to build accurate segments. And when data is stored across disparate systems, it becomes even harder to join the dots.

Without clean data and a single customer view, marketers are left unsure whether the personalised experiences they’re building will hit the mark.

Data is a common personalisation challenge, but one that’s easily overcome.

Technology exists that makes it easy to create a single customer view and build automated journeys.

Our client Lake District Hotels had precisely this personalisation challenge. PureIntelligence was their solution. Read this case study to learn about the awesome results this drove.

Disparate data personalisation challenges

Cross-channel delivery

To offer customers a consistent experience, personalisation needs to be delivered across all relevant channels. This presents a logistical nightmare if campaigns are being launched manually and each channel is owned by a different team.

But, like data issues, cross-channel delivery is a personalisation challenge that’s easy to solve.
The answer? The right website and email personalisation technology. With a solution like PureTargeting, you can dynamically serve personalised content across email and your website.

Making it real-time

To offer a truly personalised experience, you need to be working in real-time. But with multiple products and numerous ways customers can interact, how will your team keep up?

Real-time personalisation is a daunting concept that challenges many businesses. It needn’t.

Marketing automation technology uses real-time data on customer behaviour to trigger personalised emails. These highly relevant messages encourage customers to take the next step with your brand.
Browse abandonment campaigns are a good example of this. If a customer browses your site but then clicks away, they’ll be sent an email automatically. This might include an offer on the exact product they were browsing, enticing them back to buy.

Real time personalisation challenge

Integrating with eCommerce platforms

Even the most streamlined eCommerce business can end up with a growing stack of technology. Understandably, the idea of implementing yet more sounds like an integration nightmare.

Not all personalisation technology is created equal. Some platforms are easy to integrate, others may need more extensive development work.

You’ll need to find a solution that integrates with the systems you already have in place. Most make this clear on their website.

Discover the many eCommerce platforms our technology integrates with here. (And we’re happy to say our technology doesn’t need a team of developers to implement.)

Connecting clicks and bricks

Targeting people with things online that they’ve already bought in store breaks the illusion that personalisation is truly personal. To avoid this, you’ll need to work out how to join up digital and real-world experiences.

Connecting clicks and bricks is a personalisation challenge many brands are still working on. Overcoming this will differentiate you from your competitors.

Website personalisation technology like ours helps you deliver a consistent experience online and off, bringing in-store purchase data to your campaigns.

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They may be common, but the personalisation problems we’ve explored have caused their fair share of sleepless nights.

The good news? These personalisation challenges are easily overcome with the right technology in place.

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