Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Email Marketing Campaigns

The most hyped sales weekend of the year has come and gone—and we’re all still gasping for air! What a whirlwind. We hope yours went off with a bang (and a flurry of sales).

But what are the best examples of email marketing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Here’s a small selection of our favourites:

Teaser and urgent follow up

MAC teased their customers with a promise of three extra samples with their order, as a well as a big discount. This tactic warms the customer up and gets MAC on their radar before the big day.

We love the monochrome design with touches of colour. The fact it is bold and simple grabs recipient’s attention. This is backed up with strong, punchy copy that communicates a tempting offer.

Best BFCM 2017 email marketing teaser email from MAC

MAC followed up with this email on the day of the sale itself. We like the sense of urgency it creates with the use of limited availability.
Best BFCM email marketing MAC sense of urgency

The sleek animation within the email also caught our eye:

Best BFCM email marketing MAC GIF

BFCM is for travel too

This email from Mark Warner is a strong example of how the travel sector can make BFCM work. We like how they’ve used ski to fit in with the Christmassy feel of this sales period:

Best BFCM email marketing travel example from Mark Warner

We are predicting more travel brands will follow suit in 2018 and get a slice of the action once reserved for retailers.

Member exclusive

The Body Shop stretches out BFCM by pre-releasing a special offer that’s exclusive to members only:

Best BFCM email marketing The Body Shop member exclusive

By targeting their loyalty members in this way, they will have been able to spread sales out over a longer period of time. This avoids overloading their site by spreading traffic throughout the week.

This exclusive perk also helps to promote benefits of being a member of the loyalty scheme.

Behavioural targeted offers

Unsurprisingly, Amazon—arguably the master of customer experience—has its BFCM behavioural targeting down to a fine art.

In this example as the recipient shopped for products within in home and kitchen last year, they’ve been targeted with a selection of products from this section:

Best BFCM email marketing behavioural targeting email


Standing out in the inbox is vital during Black Friday and Cyber Monday – competition is fierce. We hope these examples will inspire you to get creative with your BFCM email campaigns.

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