6 Ways the new Apple IOS 9 can help email marketers

Apple are without doubt one of the world’s most innovative companies, and the technology juggernauts are gearing themselves up for the launch of iOS 9 SDK this autumn: ‘A better experience with every touch’. What does a new operating system mean for professional email marketing executives and more importantly, what does it mean for our clients?

Intelligent Marketing

One of the main features of iOS 9 is a new and improved Siri. Adopting a proactive approach to help you get things done before you even ask, Siri is going to be your new (old) best friend. Learning what you like and don’t, monitoring your behaviours and tailoring your searches. One of Siri’s most amazing new tricks is to tell you who that incoming call is from using information from your emails. This particular feature means you can create a super-sonic marketing strategy combining your whizzy email campaign with a timely phone call. Now that’s customer service! We love that the iPhone 9 will automatically know who is calling (because who answers to an unknown number?) Siri, you amaze us.

Optimised Data

Effective email marketing means reaching your clients across all platforms and devices, and making it easy for them to find information on your business and products. The new iOS 9 developments allow users an integrated experience like no other, with better map facilities, improved search function and easier sharing. This means email marketing campaigners need to be at the top of their game. In your test campaigns, ensure your emails are optimised for users who want to find you, contact you, and share your content with just the click of a button.


At Pure360, we are no strangers to stylish, mobile friendly email templates. It’s what we do. But even our ears pricked up at the sound of the updated Apple News Format which is a publisher’s dream come true. With this update your articles can appear directly on your clients home screen, and are optimised with custom typography, galleries, audio and video. Not only that, the News feature will come with a custom layout and can be set to track certain topics, which will keep you up to date with industry leaders as updates and news relevant to your sector appear seamlessly on your home screen. The App is intelligent enough to learn from users interests and behaviours, SEO and keywords have never been more important in marketing strategy.


You can do it, chaps! Apple iOS 9 will now allow you to work on your campaign copy whilst scrolling through other media on the same screen. The split screen experience is a unique background to mobile, and allows you to create the right feel and appearance to your campaign as you go. But it doesn’t stop there! Let us tantalise your tastebuds further… Imagine your clients reading your email on one side of the screen, while scrolling through your website and making purchases on the other. The opportunities are endless.

Interactive Maps

Now even more reason to be featured on Google Maps and keep your information up to date, the App includes transit lines and stations which can help users plan their route, making it easier to see what’s around and decide on places to shop. When clients go looking for your product or business, will they find you? If you’ve included all your information in your email campaigns, they won’t be able to miss it. Especially not with new CarPlay maps directing them straight to your doorstep.

Get Connected

The editing tools available at your fingertips with an iOS 9 device are truly astounding. Did you write a note about your next email campaign on your iPhone? With cloud-based storage, your notes can be shared across all your Apple devices so they won’t be lost in the ether ever again. No more poring over the laptop into the wee small hours of the morning creating your campaigns during your not-so-spare time, iOS 9 will allow you to jot down that moment of editorial inspiration creating an interactive mood board, then access it wherever you are, whenever it’s needed.

Final thought

Make the technology work for you, and your email campaigns will be impressive, innovative and above all, user-friendly. Utilise the cutting-edge technology and learn more using our Pure360 Guide to creating irresistible emails and you should notice ‘a better experience with every touch.’

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