Advice offered for tailoring email marketing to mobiles

The issue of tailoring email content to a mobile audience has never been more pertinent, one expert has claimed.

Editor of Emailblog, Remy Bergsma, has claimed that the internet is currently in the process of a “mobile revolution” and that email will only fall behind if marketers do not act.

Bergsma went on to explain that one of the quickest and easiest ways that brands using email marketing can do this is to look at their subject lines, reports.

With mobile communications, users may be more likely to react differently to certain subject lines than they would on desktops. Mobiles, for example, are often seen to be the less formal of the two, meaning that a friendlier tone of voice could be more successful on mobile devices.

On the other hand, screen sizes are obviously much smaller for those logging into their inboxes on mobiles, so marketers should give thought to the length of their subject lines and estimate how much of the heading will actually be visible.

Noting that one in three emails are now read on mobile devices, Bergsma told “This asks for a different approach in email design and experience – not just because of different screen resolutions but also the way of navigation.

“Email is a great channel for this as it can be personalised, correctly timed and targeted to reach the right audience. Once set up correctly, it will keep those people coming back who you might have lost without it as a client or visitor.”