8 Travel welcome emails we’re loving in 2021

After a year of travel chaos, it was recently reported that long haul bookings for 2022 have surged.

Great news for travel brands, and travellers alike.

But with new bookings come new customers. And with the travel industry more fiercely competitive than ever before, it’s important that travel brands make a great first impression. And keep their new customers engaged from the very start.

Key to achieving this is the welcome email.

Welcome emails generate average open rates of 60%. And have some of the highest conversion rates compared to other email campaigns.

And they are also the perfect way to make a good first impression.

To offer brands and businesses in the travel industry a little inspiration, here are 8 travel welcome emails that we’re loving in 2021.


Double opt-in is common practice within email marketing today.

However, not many brands put effort into these emails. Considering them more of an administrative communication. Meaning they can sometimes be overlooked.

Kayak, on the other hand, combine their welcome communications with their double opt-in.

Kayak’s email is immediately visually engaging. Incorporating bright colours and fun illustration that really catches the recipient’s eye.

They remind recipients of why they signed up in the first place by showcasing the benefits of Kayak. And they even tempt travellers with some of their best deals.

Modern Adventure

We love Modern Adventure’s inspiring welcome email.

This brand’s USP is group trips for the more discerning traveller.

Think exploration of Japanese art and culture with ceramics experts. Or savouring Vietnam and Cambodia with a celebrated chef at your side.

Modern Adventure’s welcome email mirrors their USP perfectly.

The imagery, font, and colour used are tasteful and engaging.

The message from the CEO and founder is personal and inspiring.

And the emphasis on community and group travel is embedded throughout. Even down to the CTA “Travel with us”.


Airbnb fill their welcome email with helpful advice and links to get the recipient started with their new account.

They cover all of their user journeys in one helpful email – finding a place to stay, discovering an experience, or becoming a host.

Airbnb are also one of the only travel companies that include their Covid policies within their welcome email. Offering essential reassurance from the start of their customer relationship.


Hipcamp is one of the most exciting newer additions in the travel industry. Focused on getting travellers outdoors, and providing camping tips and advice, no matter what their camping style.

Hipcamp’s welcome email is perfectly on-brand. Incorporating their usual striking photography and colour palette.

But what we really love about Hipcamps’ welcome email is the subtle introduction to their benefits peppered throughout the copy.

Hipcamp introduces their wide range of accommodation styles whilst encouraging recipients to find their perfect spot. And whilst promoting national parks, they also mention their real-time search capabilities and search zones.

And of course, we can’t forget their simple use of first name personalisation. Helping their welcome email to feel like less of an automation. And more of a personalised message.

British Airways

Many travel brands focus on the exciting, inspirational side of their offering.

British Airways, on the other hand, keep their welcome email practical. Which is sometimes exactly what you need when you have a trip planned.

BA provide login details, and direct links to flights and special offers so that recipients can start making the most of their account or booking immediately.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel manage to cram so much useful information into such a beautiful email.

They begin with a large, striking banner image that really grabs the recipient’s attention.

They welcome the recipient with first name personalisation. And then go on to sum up their brand values and approach in one simple paragraph.

But that’s not all. Using iconography, Intrepid travel introduce the recipient to trips, deals, inspiration, and (our personal favourite) how they (and you) can give back.

And to top their email off, they also make a subtle reference to being a certified B corp. Perfectly aligned to their brand vision.


Tripadvisor needs no introduction.

So they keep their welcome email simple and bold. With a focus on community support, which is what Tripadvisor is all about.

Tripadvisor manage to sum up the benefits of using their community in a succinct paragraph of snappy copy. And then jump straight into the CTA to encourage recipients to click through to the website.

It goes to show that for some brands, keeping it simple can be really effective.


Expedia’s welcome email isn’t the most exciting example on this list.

Sure, they do everything right. Offering links to start searching for trips, download the app, and view the benefits of using Expedia.

But one thing that really stood out was how Expedia offer a link directly to their flexible stays. This is increasingly essential in a world where lockdowns and quarantines are becoming the norm. In fact, we’re surprised more brands don’t include this essential information.

Expedia are clearly leading the way.

Looking to improve your email campaigns?

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