5 Ways to Optimise Marketing Automation for Retail

Behavioural marketing and website personalisation is about more than improving customer experience—it is a retailer’s tool to maximise profits. So, once you have a marketing automation solution in place, it’s time to optimise your approach and grow your revenue.

This blog post explores five tactics you can use to optimise your marketing automation and increase your bottom line.

1)    Recommend products in browse abandonment emails

Retargeting consumers with browse abandonment emails based on products they’ve been looking at on your site is an effective tactic to increase sales.

But are you making the most of this opportunity? Rather than just reminding shoppers of a product they’ve looked at, you can boost profits by including recommendations of complementary or high-selling products.

This email from Plantblue highlights a product a shopper had been viewing, as well as recommending high-selling items as “top picks”.

Plantblue Browse Abandonment Email

2)    Promote high value brands in welcome emails

You may be sold on the need for welcome emails and have campaigns in place. But are you using them to set recipients on a path to become highly profitable customers?

Including recommendations for the more profitable brands you sell in welcome emails, is a great way to establish buying habits.

This email from Office is an example of this tactic in action. Without being too “in your face” it introduces some of Office’s highest value brands to conclude the welcome message.

Office Welcome Email

3)    Offer promotions to profitable customers

Promotions and discounts can be a great way to drive sales, but to maximise profits, it is important to be selective about who you offer these to.

Segment customers and restrict promotions to those who frequently return goods. Instead, offer discounts to VIP segments made up of those who are highly engaged, rarely return goods, and have a high average purchase order. This will ensure that you maximise profits from your campaign.

This email from Aerosoles shows VIP segmented promotions in action.

Aerosoles VIP Email

4)    Give a discount in basket abandonment emails

Sending basket abandonment emails can help recover revenue you may have otherwise lost. But are you getting as many sales from basket abandonment emails as you could be?

One way to increase the number of sales from basket abandonment emails is to offer a discount to sweeten the deal.

A survey by VWO found that 54 percent of online shoppers would purchase products left in their basket if these were offered again at a lower rate. This email from Levi’s is a strong example of this tactic in use.

Levis Basket Abandonment Email

5)    Personalise your landing pages

You may have personalised email automation down to a fine art, but are you offering shoppers a consistently personalised experience when they get to your website?

To ensure that you maximise sales onsite from people clicking through from your emails, it is important that the landing pages you send them to offer a consistent experience. Choosing an email marketing solution that enables you to personalise website content too can help you get this right.

Very are ahead of the game in their use of personalisation, ensuring that their website feels just as personal as their emails, as this example shows.

Very Personalised Homepage


From being warmly welcomed by brands, to benefitting from highly personalised recommendations and discounts—customers’ shopping experience is greatly enhanced by behavioural marketing automation and personalisation technology.

To maximise profits, however, it is important ensure that these tools are being used in the most profitable way. Trying some of the tactics recommended in this post can help you optimise your marketing automations and increase your revenue.

If you’re looking to do more with behavioural marketing and personalisation, having the right technology in place is essential.

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