5 simple steps to stand out in the inbox this Black Friday

If Black Friday has crept up on you, don’t panic, you’re not alone. Whilst 29% of shoppers start their Christmas shopping before Halloween, the rest of us tend to leave it a little later, meaning that Black Friday presents the perfect opportunity to snap up some pre-Christmas bargains. This year, Black Friday falls on Friday November 27th, although some retailers will start a week of deals on Monday, November 23rd.
Whether you choose to shroud your sale in mystery or be open about your upcoming bargains, we can show you how to accomplish a successful and profitable campaign.

Keep it simple

A lot of shoppers will be keen to avoid the queues on Black Friday, turning instead to online shopping. Simple, slick campaigns have seen a rise in popularity in recent years as retailers seek to make it easy for customers to spot what’s on offer. Don’t clutter up your customer’s inbox with a deluge of disjointed articles and opt instead for a sleek design with a prominent call to action. Clarity and consistent messaging is key.

Roll out the red carpet for your most loyal customers

You know who they are; the readers who open every email you send, who regularly make purchases and share your content. These customers are your biggest fans, so why not reward their loyalty?

Try segmenting your database based on your most brand-loyal customers, for example those who have bought from you recently, who make frequent purchases, or who have spent a pre-defined amount. This is known as RFV segmentation (Recency, Frequency, Value). It’s a simple yet effective way of identifying your most brand-loyal customers so you can surprise them with an early Christmas present!

Download our Simplified Guide to Customer Insight for more information on segmenting your database.

The gift that keeps on giving

Don’t forget that you can encourage your customers to spend a little something on themselves too…

Amazon are leading the way in this field; allowing customers to create a wish list of items they’ve seen and like. Double the amount of sales you make in one transaction by offering your customers an incentivised gift for themselves. If you’re not sure if this would work for you, don’t take our word for it, try running an A/B split campaign which provides one group with a wish list option. Analyse the results once they’re in and see if this has worked for your target market.

Remember that by creating a wish list, your customers will also be giving you valuable information about what they’re searching for Savvy retailers can use this data later on in the season to provide these customers with targeted offers that are relevant to them.

It’s all in the detail

Where are your customers based? Have a quick look at your demographic insights and make a note of where they’re shopping from. Now factor in time zones. Now factor in that some keen shoppers will wait up until the wee small hours of the morning to bag that bargain.

By knowing your customers and considering all of these small (but important) details, you can develop a strategy around their wants, needs and habits.

Learn about six simple segmentation strategies that could improve your customers’ experience in our guide.

Target every platform

Don’t neglect one platform in favour of another as you can build anticipation by setting up a multi-platform campaign across all channels, including your website, social media and in-store.

In 2013, Topshop created a particularly inspired ‘Dear Topshop‘ campaign and competition via Pinterest. By utilising social media combined with an interactive shopping experience, they encouraged their customers to pin their outfits and provided a personalised holiday gift guide for every participant, creating a desirable retail experience without a whisper of the word ‘Sale!’ This was rolled out beautifully across all channels alongside vigilant sales staff on hand to snap up in-store shoppers. Inspirational marketing!


The key to Black Friday is to avoid losing your head in the crowds. Keep your message simple and clear to help guide your customers through the hordes of shoppers into the oasis of calm and bargains that is your store (online or offline). To gain further insight into your campaigns, pinpoint exactly how advanced your email marketing is using the Pure360 Maturity Model and start making steps to improve your results today.