5 reasons why personalisation is essential when the country is in lockdown

When the country is in crisis, a little personal touch goes a long way.

In fact, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalised experiences.

And right now, people are feeling disconnected, disengaged, and often alone.

For marketers, it’s important that they acknowledge the general mood of the country at this very moment. Planning and creating their marketing appropriately. And offering their customers exactly what they need right now.

And it’s safe to say, they don’t need yet another generic sales message landing in their inbox.

For marketers, personalisation is key to achieving all of the above.

Read on to find out why.

Different locations with different rules

Over the past year we’ve had lockdowns, curfews, alert levels, and tiered restrictions.

It’s hard to keep up, right?

With rules and regulations changing on a regular basis, getting the location of your recipients correct is essential.

Their location will dictate the appropriate messaging, tone of voice, imagery, and information that you offer in your emails and even on your website.

Location-based communications enable marketers to offer genuinely useful and thoughtful content to their recipients.

Let them know whether your shop in Oxford is open or closed. What delivery services you offer in Manchester. Or promote your online offering in areas that are under a city-wide lockdown.

Not only is this information helpful. It also shows that you’ve gone to the effort to offer something tailored and personal. All of which is invaluable right now.

Changes in demographic behaviour

Similarly, your communications need to be conscious of different demographics during periods of lockdown.

Age, occupation, education, and family life will all be influencing your customers’ behaviour right now. Making for significantly different lockdown experiences.

The elderly are self isolating for longer. Employees no longer have access to offices. Students are stranded away from home. And parents are desperately trying to be teachers.

It is indeed a recipe for stress. Which means marketing communications should do everything in their power to make their customers’ lives easier.

Suggested items, discounts on regular purchases, gift guides, and product comparisons are all useful ways to send personalised and relevant support to your customers.

And most importantly, remember to be sympathetic to their situation.

Delivery restrictions and changes

Whether businesses have been overwhelmed with orders. Have had to furlough staff. Or are dealing with an unpredictable supply chain. Lockdowns and Covid-19 have thrown up a host of delivery issues for many.

And customers are well aware of it.

That’s why it’s so important to be upfront with your customers from the start. Keeping them up to date with your delivery timings, informing them of delivery restrictions, and letting them know when their order will arrive.

Personalisation can help achieve this in two ways.

Firstly, by segmenting based on location, you can send out location-specific emails to update your customers on delivery times and/or restrictions in certain areas.

Secondly (and our favourite), you can send customers personalised, automated delivery updates post-purchase. And right now, the more the merrier. Let customers know your delivery timelines. When their purchase has left the warehouse. When it’s due to arrive. And even a confirmation of delivery.

All the above will help reassure nervous buyers that despite delivery complications at the moment, they will always be kept in the loop.

Fluctuating stock levels

As previously mentioned, Covid-19 is causing significant issues for many businesses’ supply chains.

Stock levels, supply and demand, and delivery capabilities are all fluctuating. Making for a particularly unpredictable retail environment.

And all of this stress can easily be passed onto consumers. Many of which are finding items are sold out at the last minute. And not knowing when they’ll be in stock.

Considering we’re entering the festive season, this is problematic for many gift buyers.

But all is not lost. By offering regular, personalised stock updates via your website and email, you can keep your hungry customers updated when their favourite purchase is back in stock.

You can even encourage them to sign up to a stock notification for specific items.

Not only is this incredibly useful for your customers. It also increases the chances of them purchasing from you, instead of looking elsewhere.



Forgotten-about frequent purchases

The public have a lot on their mind at the moment.

Juggling home life, work life, health worries, and an unpredictable economy is overwhelming to say the least.

So it’s easy to forget the little things. Like restocking regular supplies of food, medicine, or cosmetics.

Personalised replenishment emails are a simple and effective way to make your customers’ lives easier and offer great customer support.

The benefit to businesses is a recurring revenue stream from repeat customers. And an increase in customer retention, as consumers continue to buy from you instead of a competitor.

Looking for some inspiration?

If you want to give the personal touch to your customers during this difficult period, but can’t decide where to start. Then let us know.

Our friendly team of experts are always on hand to offer help and support.

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Komal Helyer

VP Marketing