4 data led email marketing campaigns that boost the customer experience

We probably don’t have to point out that customers are pretty important for any business. And so is keeping customers happy.

But if a brand doesn’t focus time and attention on their customer marketing strategy. Customers will fast become disconnected, disengaged, and disloyal.

Key to building customer engagement is using the data you have on these individuals to offer them a highly targeted, personalised, and relevant customer experience. Making you a brand that customers feel connected with, and want to buy from.

So to help out, here are 4 data led email marketing campaigns to help you do exactly that.

Product recommendations

On average, product recommendations account for 31% of a store’s revenue.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to offer product recommendations through email.

Abandoned basket reminders. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Replenishment campaigns.

All of these types of email utilise data on past purchases and browsing behaviour. This enables marketers to automate highly targeted, personalised, and visual communications to entice customers to come back and buy more.

How to send product recommendations

Firstly, keep it simple. Don’t distract your recipient with lots of irrelevant information. Instead, keep the focus on the item you are promoting, and any relevant deals that may accompany it.

Secondly, keep it visual. A written description of the item won’t necessarily jog your recipient’s memory, but the image that they saw on your website certainly will.

Lastly, grab their attention. Particularly in the subject line. Don’t waste your smart use of data with something generic. Instead, use their name and reference the item where possible.


All customers are special. But some are bigger spenders than others. And these individuals are integral to a business to get the very most out of their marketing efforts.

So, reward these frequent or high spenders by making them feel a little special. Giving them a little VIP treatment. And ensuring that they come back for more.

But of course, big spenders may not be your brand’s idea of a VIP customer. These types of campaigns can also be used for those who send lots of referrals your way, have recently disengaged, are active on your social media, or have been buying from you the longest.

How to send a VIP email

Whoever you decide is your VIP customer, there are some essentials to sending them a VIP email campaign.

You’ll want to keep these emails fairly exclusive. Customers won’t feel like a VIP if they become aware that every one of your customers has received the same email. So choose your recipients wisely.

And add a little something special to the look and feel of your email to make it stand out. This can be done with different colour, imagery, design, copy, and personalisation.

Last but not least, offer them something as a reward. VIP emails are no fun if the recipient doesn’t receive any VIP perks. So offer them a freebie, discount code, or access to exclusive sales.


Acknowledging your customer’s special day provides a real boost to their experience.

Whether it’s their birthday, wedding anniversary, or even the anniversary of when they first bought from you. There are lots of excuses to celebrate with your customer base.

And what are the benefits? Making your customer feel special. Helping to improve the relationship they have with your brand. And also having an excuse to engage with them and entice them to your website.

How to send anniversary emails

To begin with, make sure you are collecting the relevant information from the very start. It’s common for brands to collect birthdays. But try to pre-empt the sort of anniversary emails you will want to send. This may depend on your industry or your offering.

Secondly, let’s be honest, everyone loves to receive a little something on their special day. So if possible, as well as congratulating and celebrating with your customers, offer them a freebie or discount code.

This is a great way to get them to purchase from you again.


On average, businesses lose 25% of their subscribers. Every year.

And that’s not just because of unsubscribes. It is also down to lack of engagement with your brand, and your marketing.

But fear not, there is a data-let email marketing campaign that can come to your rescue.

Re-engagement campaigns.

These types of emails are used to reach out to contacts who were previously engaged with your brand and communications. But have now gone cold.

How to send a re-engagement campaign

It may seem counterintuitive to send multiple emails to a contact that isn’t engaged. But actually, it works.

Validity found that 14% of subscribers who received re-engagement campaigns read the emails initially. However, this number increased to 45% for follow-up emails.

That’s why the focus of your re-engagement email should be to catch your recipients’ attention. Immediately. And create an email so engaging and striking that you’ll be at the top of their mind when they see further emails from you.

And remember to keep it simple. The goal is here to rebuild your relationship. Don’t fill your emails with too much information, as this will become overwhelming.

Looking for more ways to boost your customer experience?

If four data led email marketing campaigns aren’t enough, then we’ve got you covered.

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