30 Ways to Grow Your Email List Post GDPR

Has customer acquisition been bumped to the top of your priority list in the wake of GDPR? If so, you’re not alone.

Re-permission campaigns (many of them sent needlessly) have led to depleted email lists up and down the country. While post-GDPR lists may be more engaged, this does not mean that list growth can be put on the backburner.

According the DMA, 86 percent of marketers say email is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to their multichannel marketing strategy. Without a healthy email list, your brand will be left unable to reap the benefits of this essential channel.

This article discusses thirty ways you can grow your email list post GDPR. Read on to learn how to get list numbers up and expand your reach.

1. Offering a value exchange

In the post-GDPR marketing landscape, consumers expect value from brands that they give their data to.



Spell out what visitors will get from you if they sign up for your emails. What value will they get from subscribing?

2. Adding link to your signature

Every email anyone in your company sends is an opportunity to grow your marketing list. Add a subscribe link to email signatures company wide.

3. Social sharing buttons

Include social sharing buttons in your emails. If your email content gets shared, people will see how great it is and consider signing up.

4. Emailing a friend

Include an email a friend button too. This is another way to reach a wider audience.

Ensure your emails have a subscribe link at the bottom. That way, friends that get forwarded your email can sign up direct from their inbox.

5. Keeping it above the fold

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Make sure subscribers to be see your sign-up form. They may not notice it in the footer. Keep your sign-up form super visible, ideally above the fold.

6. Creating a lead magnet

Creating a calendar, how-to guide, or eBook is an excellent way to collect email addresses. Offer this content for download in return for marketing consent.

7. Creating a tool for subscribers

Do you have an online tool that makes your customers lives easier? Consider only giving access to those who are subscribed to your email list.

8. Offering exclusive products

Creating an exclusive product line for email subscribers is a great way to incentivise sign ups.

9. Offering unmissable discounts

Everyone loves a bargain. Use your sign-up form to tempt subscribers to be with the promise of unmissable discounts.

10. Creating outstanding content

It almost goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: if your email content is outstanding, people will share it.

When your email content gets shared, you reach a wider audience. Those who see it will have to sign up to get in on the action.

11. Hosting events

Hosting in-store events after hours is an awesome way to grow your email list. Offering free tickets in return for marketing consent is a no-brainer.

12. Hosting webinars

Similarly, hosting webinars is a smart way to grow your email list.

13. Collecting emails in-store

Collecting emails in-store is another way to grow your email list. Be sure people know what they are signing up for to be GDPR compliant.

14. Avoiding asking too much

Keeping your email sign-up forms super simple is important. Avoid asking too much or you’ll put them off subscribing.

15. Getting creative with your copywriting

Grab people’s attention with innovative, on-brand copy. Make them want to hear more from you.

16. Targeting subscription types

Segment the audience you show sign-up forms to so you can tailor messaging accordingly. This will make your sign-up forms more relevant and likely to resonate.

17. Being clear on benefits

Being clear on the benefits of signing up to your email list is crucial. Make it clear at a glance. Don’t keep them guessing.

18. Promoting gated content


If you’ve decided to create gated content to generate email sign-ups, make sure you promote this. Create campaigns across all of your key channels to do so.

19. Asking for feedback

Asking for feedback onsite is another way to collect email addresses. You’ll need to make sure you ask for marketing consent too.

20. Creating a blog series

Creating a blog series that people can subscribe to is an effective way to get people to sign up to your list.

21. Calling it something creative

Giving your email newsletter a creative, on-brand name is a clever way to make signing up more exciting.

22. Testing your call to action

Testing your call to action is important. Different language resonates with different audiences. A/B test your way to the highest-converting call to action copy.

23. Using overlays

Subscription overlays that make use of exit intent technology can drive massive list growth. In fact, one study showed they double subscription rates.


24. Making it mobile friendly

Making your email sign up form mobile friendly is crucial. Don’t miss out on sign-ups by frustrating mobile users.

25. Using social proof

Social proof allows you to use the power of popularity to grow your email list. Show people how many people already subscribe to convince them to do the same.

26. Setting expectations

Setting expectations is key. People need to know you won’t spam them and that they can unsubscribe easily.

27. Using social channels

A loyalty and contest platform like PurePromotions will allow you to use your social channels to grow your email list.  

28. Blogging for third party sites

Blogging for third party sites enables you to reach a wider audience. Be sure to include a sign-up call to action at the end of your piece so happy readers can hear more from you.

29. Collaborating on content

If resources make it hard for you to create a lead magnet easily, try collaborating with a third party who has existing content you can co-brand.

30. Testing continuously

As with every aspect of marketing, continual testing is the key to successful email list growth.

Test your copy, your calls-to-action, your sign-up form position, and the various tactics we’ve discussed.


We hope this whistle-stop tour of thirty ways to grow your email list will give you a head-start on customer acquisition now GDPR is in force.

Need more guidance on how to market successfully in the post-GDPR landscape? Download our post-GDPR first aid kit.  

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