3 awesome examples of personalisation in B2B ecommerce

The need for B2B retail to turn to ecommerce is even more essential post COVID-19. To ensure that ecommerce is a relevant experience for customers and to generate more revenue, B2B ecommerce must look to implement personalisation tactics. Here are some of our top picks of B2B eCommerce businesses that are doing personalisation well.


Staples truly understands website personalisation.

When visiting their website, you are greeted by a personalised landing page pop up. Tailored to your behaviour on their website.

The first pop up is for new visitors. It captures important information regarding the type of customer you are, meaning that they can further personalise your browsing experience through tailored pricing.

The second pop is for more frequent visitors, rewarding them with a promotional offer. Not only does this help keep visitors engaged, but it captures even more data for further personalisation.




Ryman offers another example of perfect multi-channel personalisation by combining web personalisation with personalised email.

Once you register as a customer, you are immediately greeted with a series of personalised, welcoming emails full of useful information, content and promotions.

But they don’t stop there. This is supported by landing page pop-ups, aiming to up-sell their Business Account to customers who have already registered.


Ryman Sign up

Ryman Business

Ryman Thanks



We couldn’t write a piece on personalisation without including Amazon.

Hugely successful in the B2C space, Amazon also provides a wealth of options for the B2B customer too.

They perfectly combine email and web personalisation to cross-sell and encourage repeat purchases. Amazon does this in a variety of different guises, including suggestions related to previous purchases, your wish lists, and even inspired by your browsing behaviour.



These examples are taken from The Essential Guide to Personalisation in B2B Ecommerce – Download it now for more ideas on how you can implement personalisation within your B2B ecommerce marketing.

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