10 Creative Newsletter Examples to Inspire You

When people first start doing email marketing, they often start with a newsletter.

The classic newsletter is typically a summary of the latest news, promotions and content packaged together into a single email. It will get sent out once or twice a month. Some people might even go with a weekly cadence.

The newsletter has been a mainstay of email marketing since the early days.

As email marketing matured, businesses began to explore campaigns that go beyond the newsletter:

  • Browse and cart abandonment emails
  • Welcome and nurture campaigns
  • Refer a friend
  • Feedback requests
  • Renewal and replenishment emails
  • Re-engagement campaigns

They are now hundreds of campaigns for the modern marketer to choose from.

As a result, the trusted newsletter can often get neglected and even start to feel like a chore.

When many other campaigns seem to show better bang for the buck, is the newsletter still worth doing?

We think so.

In this blog post, we explore the lost art of the newsletter by dissecting 10 real-world examples from brands across a range of industries.

Fashion newsletter examples

First up, we take a look at what’s in style when it comes to fashion newsletters. Here are two of our favourite looks:

1. Net-a-porter


Net-a-porter uses consistent branding within all its newsletters. As a luxury fashion retailer, the black and white colour scheme and magazine-style layout fits perfectly.

We like how Net-a-porter use seasonal creative in this particular newsletter in the form of Cupid arrows. Giving your newsletter a seasonal twist is a great way to capitalise on buying behaviours and make each newsletter stand out.

2. Oasis


This newsletter example from Oasis is jam-packed with valuable content. It includes competition, a style feature, content from influencers, social proof, and a branded playlist.

By offering a diverse range of ways to engage, the fashion retailer is able to build a community around its brand.

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Retail newsletter examples

Next up, we take a look at two newsletter examples that stand out in the world of retail:

3. Adidas


This newsletter example from Adidas announces their sale with a bold, attention grabbing design and clear copy.

The sports retailer makes subscribers feel special by offering them exclusive access to the sale, a day before it opens to the public. This tactic builds brand loyalty and boosts conversions.

4. Argos


Argos makes the most of Valentine’s Day buying intentions (whichever the gender of your partner) in this colourful newsletter example.

Simple, sentimental copy and soft colours set the scene for romantic gift buying, with some tempting discounts to sweeten the deal.

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Travel newsletter examples

Which travel newsletters are fuelling customers’ wanderlust? Here are two of our favourites:

5. Airbnb


Great imagery and concise copywriting go along way, as shown by Airbnb.

The minimal copy hooks into the customer’s desire to escape to the sun and the stunning photography speaks for itself.

Each picture looks like it is taken from a first-person perspective, making it easy for the recipient to imagine taking it themselves.

In combination, the copy and images provoke an emotional response aimed at triggering a desire to book.

Simple. Clean. Emotive.

6. Secret Escapes


This creative newsletter example from Secret Escapes is part of a series that plays on the idea of an advent calendar.

The travel brand sent recipients a different tempting travel offer on each day of December.

This campaign concept is a fun way to increase engagement. Each email builds anticipation for the one the next day, hooking them into the series.

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Health & beauty newsletter examples

Treat yourself with these two gorgeous newsletter examples from leading beauty brands:

7. Sephora


Sephora’s slick copy really pops in this newsletter example.

We love the use of white space and crisp product shots. The way the products are positioned makes it easy for the customer to imagine them on their own dressing table.

The well-placed calls-to-action are highlighted with red arrows that accent the red in the lipstick and mascara wand, enticing the customer to click.

8. Clinique


The bright colours in this newsletter example from Clinique gets us excited for summer beauty looks, without the need for seasonal copy.

The minimal copy used encourages the customer to get click happy with a simple freebie offer with their order.

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Technology newsletter examples

Last but not least, here are two newsletter examples from the world of technology that caught our attention:

9. Apple


This immersive newsletter example from Apple invites the recipient to get lost in a first-person view of an iPad.

The emotive copy and family imagery tugs at the heart strings, nurturing an intention to purchase, while still keeping the product front and center.

10. Fitbit


This eye-catching newsletter example from Fitbit stimulates the customer’s sense of adventure with a stunning mountain scene.

The clever overlay of a phone helps the customer imagine using Fitbit’s new product.

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When done right, the newsletter can be a great way to create brand affinity, improve customer relationships and drive sales.

We hope our ten creative newsletter examples have inspired you to start your own newsletter, or give your existing newsletter a refresh.

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