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Behavioural Targeting Made Simple

  • Recommend products based on the customer’s browsing and transactional history
  • Show Crowd Sourced items such as your best sellers
  • Make it easier for the customer to convert by showing them products they have recently browsed and bought

  • Provide related offers to encourage a repeat purchase
  • Send a sequence of real time emails after each purchase
  • Maximise customer value

  • Increase online revenue by an average of 8% with real time cart recovery emails
  • See a further potential 4% increase with real time browse recovery emails
  • Utilise real time form recovery triggered by email

  • Leverage real time data directly in your lists
  • Highly powerful segments, automations and personalisation possible
  • Real time knowledge of quantity of purchases, website visits, products browsed and more

Learn how our clients see an increase, on average, of 22% in revenue and sales with PureTargeting

Re-engage with abandoned shoppers instantly

  • Identify browsers and shoppers across their devices
  • Recover customers with real time cart and browse triggers
  • Target the second sales with post purchase triggers
  • Personalise your emails with content that renders at point of open
  • Recommend products to individuals personalised to that person
  • Use Countdown Timers to promote sale periods and next day delivery
  • Crop parts of your website for quick email builds
  • Integrate twitter feeds into email to increase followers
  • We can do all of this on your website too..

Pure360 abandoned cart

Key PureTargeting figures

  • Expect conversion rates of around 20% for these emails
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase your lost sales revenue by up to 22%

Sunglasses Shop abandoned cart example

Shopping cart recovery

PureTargeting works in real-time, tracking your customers as they use your shopping cart.

Our system reacts to their individual behaviour patterns to build a detailed, real-time profile which you can use to communicate with them immediately.

If shoppers leave without buying, our system automatically sends
highly targeted, personalised emails within minutes. Shoppers are then
re-engaged and can click, return and buy.

  • Expect conversion rates of around 20%
  • Increase your lost sales revenue by up to 22%

Browse recovery

With browse recovery you can target the customers which shopping cart
recovery misses, such as visitors who research on their mobile phone
but do not use the shopping cart, and then go on to buy using a different

To maintain consistency you are able to send matching emails for
both browse and cart recovery; showcasing the products which your
customer has been viewing recently.

Triggered analytics

Many businesses, particularly B2B, will include forms on their websites such as content download and newsletter sign up, enabling them to capture all-important prospect data.

PureTargeting allows these businesses to monitor who has abandoned a form and re-engage with them via email. You could remind them about the form, or offer them similar content which may engage them further.

  • Remind them about the form
  • Offer them similar content which may engage them further.

Our client Harrods
Eastjet Purchase follow up

Purchase follow up

For many businesses, a purchase is not the end of a customer’s journey.

To help your customer get the most out of their purchases provide them with relevant information or related offers so that they are more likely to
become a repeat buyer.

PureTargeting can send a sequence of personalised, real time emails after each purchase, helping you to maximise customer value.

Product recommendations

Real time content for all your marketing needs.

PureTargeting helps your emails stand out from the crowd with personalised communications to every customer.

Key features:

  • Dynamic content for hyper-personalised communications
  • Open-time formatting so that the content and products in your emails can be changed, even after sending
  • Individual, personal recommendations based on browsed and purchased products
  • Crowdsourced recommendations, such as trending products
  • Product and device-level recommendations, such as new products
  • Countdown timers for sales, offers and events
  • Hero images using personalised HTML blogs
  • Utilise real time data without the hassle of big data challenges

BrandAlley product recommendations

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