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The Challenge

You may be under the impression that to attract new business you need to contact as many people as possible, and as quickly as possible.

This has the potential to be both a time consuming and costly process, which tempts many marketers into buying or renting an email list.
If you are looking for both immediate and long term results, this is not the answer.

Instead you should begin a list building strategy using our advanced data capture tools which can start building quality leads
or generating sales in a short period of time, as well as being cost effective and not damaging your long term email list health.

Capture more data and sell to more people

PurePromotions has the features that allow you to grow your email lists and help you to get to know your customers better.
Capturing more email address enables you to email more people about your product.

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  • "We are delighted with the results we received from our very first Viral Promotions campaign. Due to the success of it we will be implementing our next campaign very soon."

    Ellie Rivers
    Ellie Rivers Lulu Guiness
Lulu Guinness: 56% increase in list growth
Lulu Guinness: 56% increase in list growth

In just two weeks Lulu Guinness launched an online competition and generated a massive 16,000 entries. See how.

Blog: 7 ways to increase your email list size
Blog: 7 ways to increase your email list size

In this popular blog, our email experts explain how you can use a variety of marketing methods to grow your email list size.

Want to grow your list size by over 20%?
Want to grow your list size by over 20%?

This whitepaper shows you how to run viral promotions via social media, such as contests, quizzes and sweepstakes.

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