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Effective marketing and great results depend on delivering the right message at the right time. With our platform, you can use a selection of relevant and digestible insights to do just that. Whether it’s spending behaviour, engagement levels or ROI, our dashboards empower you to create better campaigns without the guesswork.

Recency Frequency and Monetary Value (RFM)

Use dashboards and pre-built segments to understand customer behaviour. Identify top customers and those who are about to churn and tailor your marketing accordingly. Check out:

  • Recency – how recently a customer has made a purchase
  • Frequency – how often a customer makes a purchase
  • Monetary Value – how much money a customer spends on their purchases

Pure360 Analyse

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Determine how much revenue a single customer or segment of customers generate for your business during their relationship with your brand. The longer a customer continues to purchase from you, the greater their lifetime value becomes. Use this dashboard to identify segments that are the most valuable to your brand and develop a strategy or tactics for improving the value and length of your customer relationships.




Recency, Frequency, Engagement (RFE)

Tailor your campaigns to the needs of your audience with pre-built engagement segments. See how recently and frequently a subscriber has interacted with your emails and tailor campaigns to improve their engagement.




Campaign ROI

Our dashboard brings together your campaign data and purchase data to tell you how much money each of your campaigns is delivering. Use it to determine how successful your campaigns have been and where you need to improve.

campaign ROI dashboard

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