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Email Marketing Guide - Open Rate Landscape

About this guide

In our latest research we looked at 150 of our clients in a variety of industries, who together sent over 40,000 email campaigns and 900 million emails in a year. The information in this whitepaper contains the insight we gained about the best and worst times to send your emails. 

The best time to send an email does not remain static, but instead is changeable and particularly dependent on industry. Do not generalise your recipients, instead look at their habits to send at optimal times for open rates. Open rate landing page - download your free whitepaper

Marketers should avoid the pitfall of sending emails in the early hours of the morning to ensure they are top of people’s inboxes when they arrive in the office.

Key findings 

  • 96% of email marketing sent between midnight and 7am are never opened
  • 5pm to 6pm is now the ultimate time to launch email marketing campaigns 
  • Our research shows that only 4% of emails sent between midnight and 7am then go on to be opened.

Download the full white paper now: