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    Email Marketing and SMS marketing software from Pure360. Used by leading brands innocent drinks, Seatwave and David Lloyd.
    • Platform
      • Platform
        Our industry leading platform allows you to manage your email marketing, from creation to send and reporting.
        • Email
          Our industry leading platform allows you to manage your email marketing, from creation to send and reporting.
        • SMS
          Send highly personal and direct communications to your database via our SMS marketing services.
        • Social Media
          Host viral promotions, offer digital vouchers, build your email list through Facebook and share your campaigns through your favourite social networks. 
        • Automations
          Immediately respond to real time email and web interactions using targeted and personalised email communications. 
        • Insight
          Gain invaluable insights and analyse your results using our extensive reporting functionality.
        • Connectors
          Our platform allows you to seamlessly integrate business systems such as Magento, SalesForce, MSDynamics and Google Analytics.
    • Services
      • Services
        From overall strategy and deliverability, to list growth and SMS, Pure360 consultancy services can offer you help and guidance. 
        • Consultancy
          If you are unsure about any area of your campaigns, from overall strategy and deliverability, to list growth and SMS, our consultancy services can offer you help and guidance. We even offer specialist onsite consultancy to assist in projects or offer best practice advice. 
        • Data
          Healthy data is at the core of marketing campaigns, that is why we have created dedicated data services to help you achieve just this. We can take you through the entire data process, from checking the health of your data, to custom data extracts and custom reports to help you meet your goals. 
        • Creative
          The appearance of your marketing campaigns speaks volumes about your brand. Engaging content, striking visuals and a carefully planned layout are all integral to encouraging your recipients to convert. 
        • Concierge
          The team at Pure360 are ready to help you with any aspect of your sending. We often help customers manage their data, test their emails and edit their templates amongst other things. 
        • Training
          Training is a great way to ensure you are getting the most out of our system. We make this easy by offering a variety of training to suit your needs. Free weekly training sessions can be easily accessed, as well as bespoke and onsite training to help meet your team’s specific needs.
        • Packages
          If you have a particular project that you would like help with then one of our Service Packages could be for you. You can choose from our most popular packages or even build your own.
    • Partners
      • Partners
        Looking to sell email marketing but not develop your own software? You can benefit from becoming a Pure360 email marketing & SMS reseller.
        • Tech Providers
          It’s really important that your email marketing software can talk to all your other business systems, so we’ve made sure that PureResponse can do just that.
        • Resellers
          Reselling PureResponse to your clients couldn't be simpler, the software sells itself. This is for users who want to grow their ROI through reselling Pure360
        • Agencies
          This option will give you a choice of solutions to offer to your clients, whilst letting you earn margins by buying discounted email/SMS credits for each solution
        • Referrers
          For those who love Pure360 and are committed to referring new business opportunities and being highly rewarded for it
    • Resources
      • Blog
        The most prolific blog within the industry, from design to best practice to the wider online industry.
      • Articles
        These articles offer an insight into many of the key areas within the email and mobile industry, something for everyone.
      • Whitepapers
        We regularly add industry leading pieces that tackle some of the biggest issues facing marketers. If you’d like to brush up on your knowledge then this section is for you.
      • News
        Bite sized and easily digestible bits of industry news about the latest goings on in the industry
      • Glossary
        A quick reference point for terms and phrases used widely throughout the email marketing world.  
    • Pure360
      • Contact Us
        All our contact details here so you can contact us in any which way you prefer
      • Privacy Policy
        We are extremely protective over your privacy and confidentiality. All the how’s and why’s can be found here
      • API
        We have an open API which can integrate with most software requirements  
    • Demo, trials, and sign ups
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        Take a demo of PureResponse with one of our team and we can show you how the system could help your campaigns.
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        Fill out this form and one of the team will ring you straight to answer any questions you might have about PureResponse
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        Want to get an idea of pricing… Fill out this form and one of the team will be in touch with you regarding the pricing of PureResponse
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