Integrated digital marketing software

At a Glance

  • Open API
  • Dedicated integrations support team
  • We integrate with your CRM, social and e-commerce software

Connect with Facebook, Magento,
FastStats and many more…

It’s really important that your digital marketing software can talk to all your other business systems,
so we’ve made sure our platform can do just that. If you require a bespoke build then speak to
us about your requirements.


With the Pure360’s Magento integration you can identify key customer segments based on their buying and engagement behaviour. You can then create effective, automated campaigns to drive the behaviours that you really want. This integration is free for all Pure360 customers.


With our Salesforce integration it is now even easier to create industry leading email marketing campaigns. Salesforce customers have reported an average 27% increase in revenue, 28% customer retention rate and 32% lead conversion.

  • Transfer members of Salesforce campaigns directly into your PureResponse account, without the need to export and import data
  • Transfer recipient activity data generated from your email marketing campaigns back into Salesforce

MS Dynamics

The Pure360 and MS Dynamics integration allows you to see your email campaign results and update contact data in your CRM, in real-time.

  • Marketing will see how the leads they’ve produced are followed up
  • Sales will know which emails their prospect has responded to
  • Management can plan marketing activity based on campaign ROI
  • Easy integrated transfer of Leads and Contacts from MS Dynamics CRM campaigns directly into your Pure360 account
  • Quick transfer recipient activity data generated from your email marketing campaigns back into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics
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