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Our industry leading email platform allows you to manage your email marketing, from creation to send and reporting

Viral Promotions

Drag & Drop Editor

First and foremost, our Drag & Drop Editor (currently in Beta) has been designed with the marketer in mind.

That is why we will be able to offer the most user friendly drag and drop email builder on the market today.

Discover the Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor >

Viral Promotions

Grow your campaign lists

Build your email list by an average of 20% by creating and publishing a variety of viral promotions to fit your marketing needs, from photo contents, to quizzes and giveaways.

Learn more about growing your lists >

Send automated, triggered campaigns

Send automated, triggered campaigns

Increase your revenue by up to 20% by sending real time cart abandonment recovery emails to convert shoppers, be notified to web browser abandonments so you can act and make your recovery emails personalised to the individuals behaviour.

Sign-up automations let you trigger emails when people sign up to your list so every opt-in becomes a marketing opportunity.

If you capture a date such as Birthdays, holidays or appointments, you can set up automated campaigns that are unique to the recipient yet take up little resource.

Learn about Behavioural Targeting >

Facebook data capture

Gather more data with Facebook

With Pure360’s social register for Facebook functionality you can encourage easy sign up for your email marketing campaigns and send targeted email communications as a result.

Learn more about Facebook data capture >

Build your own sign up form

Easy sign up form builder

Whether starting a list from scratch or adding to a mature list this sign up form can help you grow your database organically. Choose a list for your data, We'll email you an html form that can be added to your sign up page, then start collecting and building your database.

See sign up forms >

Access mobile-ready email templates

Access mobile-ready email templates

Take your campaigns a step further with fully personalised, mobile responsive email templates.

Our email marketing templates are built by best-in-class designers that have experience of helping our customers improve their email marketing results.

Have a look at our templates >

Design consultancy

Optimised email design 

This consultative service is designed to analyse your email creative and deliver a series of redesign ideas in keeping with best practice. We will make sure that your redesigns are optimised for both deliverability and for recipient conversions.

Book a consultation >

Send personalised offers

Send personalised offers

By adding dynamic content into your emails you can deliver personalised articles, product offers or call-to-actions based upon information known about the recipient such as demographics, personal preferences, purchase history or online activities.

Learn more about dynamic content >

Test your email

Test your email

It’s so simple, pop in the variations to test such as subject line or content, set the length of time you want the test to run and our clever system will optimise for you! If you want more control over your test you can ask the system to let you know when the testing phase is over. Then you can make the judgement as to which one should be used for the rest of your email campaign.

Learn more about spilt content testing >

Inbox preview

View before sending 

The Pure360 inbox preview allows you to do exactly that. Whether it’s an Android or an iPad, through testing with Pure360 you can now have complete confidence in the way your email marketing messages are presented in the inbox.

More about inbox preview >

Preference centre creation

Increase engagement with a preference centre

Allow your visitors to choose the email communications they want to receive with a fully branded preference centre. Giving your recipients control over what they receive from you means that they are less likely to unsubscribe and more likely to engage.

See customer success with preference centres >

All features come with world class email marketing support and account management as standard

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It’s a real pleasure working with Pure360.  Jade, Lucy and Marc are excellent and their account management skills go way beyond what we experienced at another ESP.  I will continue to recommend Pure360 to anyone who asks me about ESPs.”

Tetley Tea Case Study

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Tetley Tea - Use our voucher integration to reward customers and capture prospects.

(The result : 17.7% list growth!)

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