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The infrastructure of the PureResponse platform allows thousands of marketers to safely send billions of email & SMS messages each year. Marketers shouldn’t have to worry about how secure their data is or how robust the technology is behind their campaigns. We take that worry away with an experienced dedicated development and live operations team, who monitor systems 24/7 to keep things running smoothly.

Of course if you would like the peace of mind of knowing the details of how our technology platforms works, read on...


Your data is secure with Pure360. We host with two tier one data centres (Rackspace and PEER 1), both of whom provide ISO27001 certified hosting to companies such as the Ministry of Defence and Virgin.

Data is protected with high grade encryptions similar to that of online banking services, transporting your data via SSL. We have a multi layered firewall in place on both hardware and software and run IDS (intrusion detection) and IPS (intrusion protection) security measures.

We undertake regular penetration testing by NGS on both the application and physical hosting environment. There is also restricted IP address access that prevents unknown IPs from logging into customer accounts.


Getting your emails into the inbox is a top priority for Pure360 - it’s our life blood. Like many email providers we use Port 25’s PowerMTA to send billions of messages through a range of IP addresses.

Like any serious email marketer, we implement best practice protocols such as SPF records, strong DKIM signing and more as they become relevant in the email deliverability industry.

Feedback loops are in place with major ISPs including, but not limited to, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft mail (Hotmail, Live, MSN, Outlook). In addition we perform list upload screening for known spam traps and run a unique quality score on lists for deliverability standards.

Whilst we have a dedicated Deliverability & Compliance Manager, every Account Manager is trained on deliverability optimisation so they can help clients get best inbox placement. They also work with clients to achieve Return Path certification for those who want to maximise their deliverability.

During campaigns we monitor sends for unusual open rates or bounces, pausing activity if we feel that it is impacting deliverability, so we can resolve any problem areas.

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