Email Marketing for Partners

Over 300 partners are already using Pure360 email marketing

For companies that want to grow their ROI


Reselling PureResponse to your clients couldn’t be simpler, the software sells itself. This is for users who want to grow their ROI through reselling Pure360’s best of breed solutions and expertise in Email, SMS and Social.


This option will give you a choice of solutions to offer to your clients, whilst letting you earn margins by buying discounted email/SMS credits for each solution.


All you need to do is keep telling your contacts about us and ask them to say you referred them to us when making contact, pass on their details to your account manager or fill out the form on this page. We’ll do the rest.

  • "We’re constantly analysing, testing, tweaking and refining, and that’s helped to drive further innovation at Pure360 to push the boundaries of what email marketing can achieve."

    John McDermott
    John McDermottJaywing

Why choose us?

  • Sales Training

    We provide you with all the skills necessary to help your teams and end clients understand the values of the solutions.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Our Partners receive a dedicated account manager who will pro-actively support you and your clients with maximising deliverability, system functions and those extra touches that make all the difference.

  • Improving Results Together

    Our business model revolves around a flexible results based partnership with our clients so it’s essential we champion you in our email marketing software.

All your clients marketing solutions in one platform

Grow your clients lists

Build your email list by an average of 20% by creating and publishing a variety of viral promotions to fit your marketing needs, from photo contents, to quizzes and giveaways.

Triggered emails

Increase your revenue by up to 20% by sending real time cart abandonment recovery emails to convert shoppers, be notified to web browser abandonments so you can act and make your recovery emails personalised to the individuals behaviour.

Customer Intelligence

Our Customer Intelligence solution allows Marketers to effortlessly combine customer data from multiple sources and drive highly relevant, automated campaigns across multiple channels.

SMS Marketing

Our advanced SMS marketing software keeps your customers up to date with deliveries, appointment reminders, stock information, order confirmations and much more.

The UK's top agencies come to us for email

Supporting the digital strategy of big brands

  • "We’ve yet to have a brief for which the features of PureResponse cannot meet the requirement, and as the interface is easy to use, we don’t have to spend much time supporting clients.”

    White Hat Media
Pure360 laptop

Your branding included

Rebrand the interface either as part of your company’s suite of products, or alternatively you could rebrand at a client level. The product can be configured to allow your end client full access to the functionality or you can restrict functionality to best match the services that you are delivering to the client.

Support at every step

Your company will have ongoing free phone support, and free access to our support ticketing system available directly through your account.


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