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Sending emails on Friday or Saturday is a no-no

Deborah Bates

28 Jan 2013

Marketers shouldn't be tempted to send out emails on a Friday or Saturday, according to the advice issued by one marketing expert.

Writing for, Angela Modzelewski said that the best time to deliver email marketing messages is between Tuesday - Thursday; adding that the timing really can be the difference between a successful message and a non-successful one.

This is true of the actual time at which the email is sent too, i.e. emails that are sent at 3am aren't going to work as well as those that go out between 8am - 1pm. "Don't send your masterpiece in the middle of the night unless you want it to get swept into the trash," Modzelewski advised.

She also urged marketers to monitor and respond to their recipients' behaviour. They should look at what has worked and what hasn't; using the intelligence to tailor future messages. Being analytical with results is crucial, the expert confirmed: "Be sure to at least keep an eye on your conversion rates, spam reports and opt-outs, even if you ignore everything else.

"If an e-newsletter's conversion rate is unusually low, that's a red flag and you're going to need to go into analytics and dig deeper. If your opt-outs or spam reports suddenly skyrocket, those are also red flags."

Marketers can make segmented lists based on recipients' differing behaviour - something an article on echoed, stating that a "smart" route to take is to make groups based on what people do with their emails. Doing this creates "plentiful" possibilities, the article concluded.