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49% of marketers admit to checking emails in meetings

Becky Hesilrige

09 Apr 2013

New research from Pure360 shows that half of British marketers open and respond to emails whilst in a meeting

Pure360, the email and SMS marketing specialists, today announce new research, confirming that 49% (half) of marketers are opening and responding to emails whilst in meetings.

The research took place in March 2013 via an online poll of 300 UK in-house marketers. Email was most commonly admitted to being picked up, with 30% of those surveyed saying they also opened SMS messages, 18% take phone calls and 15% communicate on social media, despite being in a meeting.

Abi Jacks, Head of Marketing at Pure360 said: “Our research demonstrates how marketers up and down the country are under increasing time pressures. With technology creeping into meetings more and more, marketers need to give themselves the space for creativity. This also shows the ongoing high value placed on email in the workplace, sitting above both SMS and social media...”