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As a continuing effort to make sure you're all as informed as possible on the goings on in the email marketing and SMS world, we're collating industry news for you. We hope you find it useful!


Surge in sales predicted by UK B2B marketers

Business-to-business marketing budgets are on the rise and it's expected to have a huge impact on revenue growth over the next year, a study has revealed.

Posted by Jack Stanton 20 Aug 2014

Favourites turned into retweets in latest Twitter experiment

As part of its latest experiment, Twitter is testing turning favourites into retweets, but the move isn't going down well with users.

Posted by Laura Varley 18 Aug 2014

Twitter bots account for 8.5 per cent of all users

Some 23 million accounts on social media site Twitter are not actually controlled by humans, a new document reveals.

Posted by Jack Stanton 12 Aug 2014

UK's first 'Tweet Shop' set to be opened by Marc Jacobs

An innovative campaign combining social media and event marketing will see the UK's first ever 'Tweet Shop' open in London.

Posted by Jack Stanton 12 Aug 2014

Twitter hopes to boost businesses' ROI with ad updates

The latest update to Twitter's Ads service will help businesses to increase their return on investment (ROI), the company has claimed.

Posted by Graeme Parton 09 Aug 2014

Gmail simplifies email unsubscription process

Gmail has now made it even easier to unsubscribe from unwanted email marketing lists, which could prove to be a problem for email marketers sending out poor content to their subscribers.

Posted by Laura Varley 09 Aug 2014

Teens born at turn of millennium are most tech-savvy in the UK

The most technology-savvy people in the UK are not business leaders or scientists, but rather 14 and 15 year olds, according to new research.

Posted by Jack Stanton 09 Aug 2014

Younger office workers most likely to check emails whilst on holiday

Younger office workers are more likely than their older counterparts to check their emails whilst on holiday, a new survey by Travel Republic reveals.

Posted by Laura Varley 06 Aug 2014

Twitter begins showing tweets from users followed by friends

Twitter is testing a new feature which shows users tweets from the people their friends follow, even if they don't follow the account themselves.

Posted by Laura Varley 06 Aug 2014

Twitter tests hashtag explanation feature

A new feature which explains the meaning of certain hashtags is being tested on social media website Twitter.

Posted by Laura Varley 05 Aug 2014


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