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As a continuing effort to make sure you're all as informed as possible on the goings on in the email marketing and SMS world, we're collating industry news for you. We hope you find it useful!


Young people happy to share email address with brands

Young people don't mind how much personal information they share with brands online, although the older generation are still somewhat more suspicious.

Posted by David Howells 25 Jul 2014

More social media brand interaction on mobiles than PCs, study finds

Consumers are more likely to interact with brands by logging into social media profiles on their smartphones as opposed to their personal computers, according to a new study.

Posted by Jack Stanton 25 Jul 2014

Facebook users can now buy directly from ads and posts

Adverts and other posts on Facebook could soon include a 'buy' button, allowing users to purchase something they like the look of without having to leave the site.

Posted by Laura Varley 22 Jul 2014

Orange blip highlights importance of getting your marketing right

Orange customers will have noticed an increase in texts from the mobile provider over the weekend, as a glitch sent numerous SMS reminders of its Magic Numbers service.

Posted by Jack Stanton 22 Jul 2014

Email chosen for copyright infringement warnings

The government has settled on email as a way to gently persuade illegal downloaders to see the error of their ways.

Posted by David Howells 22 Jul 2014

"Minority" of BT customers affected by email outage

Some BT customers have been left without access to their emails for days, after the service suffered an outage.

Posted by Laura Varley 18 Jul 2014

Advertisers can view organic tweet interaction with new dashboard

Twitter's new analytics dashboard allows advertisers and verified users to see detailed information regarding their organic tweets.

Posted by Laura Varley 16 Jul 2014

Innovative approach could link online and offline retail worlds

Email could be used to connect the online and offline retail environments, according to a new trial by retailer Made.

Posted by David Howells 14 Jul 2014

Mobile users tweet twice as often as desktop users

People using tablets and smartphones tweet twice as often as those who use a desktop, a new report from ShareThis reveals.

Posted by Laura Varley 14 Jul 2014

Vines should be 'fun, quirky and authentic'

Companies should be "fun, quirky and authentic" when creating Vine videos, according to Twitter's Richard Barley.

Posted by David Howells 10 Jul 2014


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