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As a continuing effort to make sure you're all as informed as possible on the goings on in the email marketing and SMS world, we're collating industry news for you. We hope you find it useful!


DHL forced to apologise after F1 fans hit back at Facebook post

DHL has been forced to apologise after a post it made on Facebook regarding Jules Bianchi's crash angered Formula One fans.

Posted by Laura Varley 07 Oct 2014

Majority of Brits happy to share personal data with brands via social logins

Some 84 per cent of 18-34 year olds don't mind sharing personal data with brands via social logins, so long as they get something of value in return, a new study for big data firm Gigya reveals.

Posted by Laura Varley 07 Oct 2014

Marketers guilty of discounting mobile traffic, expert says

Mobile traffic is often discounted by brands, as they find it too difficult to measure ad effectiveness on the devices, Facebook's group director for retail has said.

Posted by Laura Varley 02 Oct 2014

Buying big becomes more likely despite dip in consumer confidence

Consumers are becoming increasingly confident in making more expensive purchases even if they don't feel particularly flush, a new report states.

Posted by Jack Stanton 01 Oct 2014

Mobile ad spend predicted to rise by 118 per cent

The amount spent on mobile advertising in Western Europe is expected to increase by a whopping 118.4 per cent this year, with 40.8 per cent of that coming from the UK alone.

Posted by Jack Stanton 30 Sep 2014

Personal data worth £13 a pop to brands, Orange study suggests

Every single piece of personal data collected by a brand that a consumer is familiar with has a monetary value of £13, a new report from Orange suggests.

Posted by Jack Stanton 30 Sep 2014

Twitter ads to target film fans

Twitter will begin testing a new feature which will target certain film-related adverts to movie fans using specific keywords within their tweets.

Posted by Laura Varley 30 Sep 2014

"Cross device problem" for brand marketers has been solved, Facebook claims

Facebook says brand marketers needn't worry about the social media "cross device problem" any longer, as it launches a new ad targeting platform today (September 29).

Posted by Jack Stanton 29 Sep 2014

Is Ello the new Facebook?

There's a new social media network causing a stir, with some advocates saying it could be the next Twitter or Facebook.

Posted by Chloe Menage 29 Sep 2014

Top tweeters in the FTSE 100 announced, with Burberry out in front

Burberry, Coca-Cola and ITV have the most followed Twitter accounts in the FTSE 100, according to a new report.

Posted by Jack Stanton 24 Sep 2014


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