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As a continuing effort to make sure you're all as informed as possible on the goings on in the email marketing and SMS world, we're collating industry news for you. We hope you find it useful!


Facebook attempts to poach YouTube's biggest content producers

Facebook is laying its cards on the table when it comes to competition with YouTube by courting some of the video-sharing giant's top content producers.

Posted by Jack Stanton 17 Sep 2014

UK millennials annoyed by brands on social media, research shows

More than a third of the UK's millennials find brands annoying on social media, according to new research.

Posted by Jack Stanton 17 Sep 2014

One in every six marketing emails is not delivered, new report finds

Brands may want to reconsider their existing email marketing processes as a new report has found that one in every six emails is undelivered.

Posted by Jack Stanton 17 Sep 2014

Nightclub forced to apologise after irresponsible tweet

Popular nightclub chain Liquid has been forced to apologise after it tweeted an image of a semi-nude girl passed out on table full of beer bottles and seemingly encouraged its followers to do the same.

Posted by Laura Varley 15 Sep 2014

Police inspector wins social media award

A police inspector who became a hit on Twitter has won an award for his work, as he uses the site to highlight mental health issues.

Posted by Laura Varley 12 Sep 2014

Facebook testing temporary posts

Facebook is currently testing another new feature which allows users to set a deletion date for their posts, the social networking site has revealed.

Posted by Laura Varley 11 Sep 2014

Apple boosts security with iCloud email alerts

Apple is looking to reassure its customers by sending out emails to them whenever their account is accessed via a web browser.

Posted by Laura Varley 09 Sep 2014

Brands set marketing plans aside for real-time royal baby excitement

It took no time at all for many brands to latch themselves on to the royal baby bandwagon - with one releasing a related advert just seven minutes after news broke.

Posted by Jack Stanton 09 Sep 2014

Facebook clocks up more than one billion video views daily

More than one billion video views occur on Facebook every day, the social networking site has revealed.

Posted by Laura Varley 09 Sep 2014

Twitter testing new 'buy' button

In a bid to boost its revenue, Twitter is implementing and testing a new 'buy' button, which allows users to purchase items directly from the social networking site.

Posted by Laura Varley 09 Sep 2014


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