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Google reveals strong engagement stats for YouTube video ads

New statistics released by Google highlight the effectiveness of YouTube's video advertising service, reports              

Posted by Richard Towey 18 Apr 2014

LinkedIn most popular social network for small businesses

Small businesses in the UK prefer LinkedIn the most over other social media channels, as 37 per cent are already using the site.

Posted by Laura Varley 08 Apr 2014

'Safe sender' status a worthwhile billing for email marketers

Being branded as a 'safe sender' by subscribers should be well within the priorities of email marketers.

Posted by Richard Towey 08 Apr 2014

Social media advertising grew 71 per cent in 2013

Social media advertising spend rocketed by 71 per cent last year, according to a new study.

Posted by Laura Varley 08 Apr 2014

England and Germany in (social) World Cup Final

The English and German football teams could well face off in the World Cup Final - albeit only where social media is concerned, reports.

Posted by David Howells 04 Apr 2014

Rise of digital forces CMOs to consider customer experience

The rise and rise of digital marketing is forcing Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) to take on the responsibility of boosting customer experience around their organisation, reports

Posted by Richard Towey 02 Apr 2014

Majority of Twitter ads not relevant to users

Some 85 per cent of Twitter users say the adverts they see are not relevant to them, showing marketers could do more to improve their audience targeting on the site.

Posted by David Howells 02 Apr 2014

Rumours of Yahoo video-sharing service gain pace

Yahoo is to take a swipe at YouTube's crown by launching a new video-sharing service, reports

Posted by Richard Towey 01 Apr 2014

M&S ramps up social media offering

Marks and Spencer has announced it is to start using social media marketing much more in a bid to diversify its online offering, reports.

Posted by David Howells 30 Mar 2014

Reel unhappy email contacts back in with personalisation, urges expert

Brands that have seen large chunks of their email contact list hit the dreaded unsubscribe button have been urged to claw their audience back by offering a personalised experience.

Posted by 30 Mar 2014


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