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Behavioural Re-targeting

Use Pure360’s Behavioural Re-targeting tool to see individual subscribers who are not engaging with your campaigns by viewing opens and clicks for any given period of time. Find non engaged recipients and re-engage them with your brand; improve deliverability, increase customer loyalty and maximise list revenue.

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Facebook Register

With Pure360’s Social register for Facebook functionality you can encourage easy sign up for your email marketing campaigns and send targeted email communications as a result.

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Audit - We realise how important your data is, before you send your emails we'll meticulously analyse it to ensure the highest quality list possible >>

Sign up forms - Create compelling sign up forms on your website with our easy to use feature. >>




RSS to Email

RSS to email is a must have feature for publishers of regular news content as well as product updates, special offers and blog posts because you only need to update your content in one place, the feed!

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Once you're a Pure360 customer you'll have access to an array of free email marketing templates that are as pretty as functional.

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Webscrape - Save your time and complex integrations by automatically pulling content from a URL of your choice. Set rules to ensure that duplicate content is never sent >>

Dynamic content - Deliver personalised content based on info you hold on the recipient such as demographics, personal preference, purchasing history or online activities >>

Snippet Manager - Easily access content you use regularly by saving them as snippets. We’ll get you started with useful stuff like trust earning text and social sharing buttons >>




Split Content

The best results from your email campaigns come from testing, refining and repeating. For advanced digital marketers, split content optimisation is the quickest way to run a sophisticated split test email campaign, regardless of list size.

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Subject Line

Always use optimal subject lines by using this tool to test a selection and automatically select the most popular for the rest of your send.

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Spam testing delivery - Fix any deliverability issues before you send with a simple click >>

Inbox Preview - View how your email will look in over 20 major email clients so you can optimise what
they see >>



Advanced Automations

Advanced email automations offer extremely flexible and powerful date automation and filtering options which offer our customers complete control over who receives email campaigns.

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Post to Social

Our new posting to social media sites feature allows your email campaigns and social media sites to be more integrated than ever before.

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Intelligent time sending - Take the guesswork out of when is the best time to send a campaign. Automatically send emails at the most responsive time for each individual >>

Send to non-opens - Retarget people who didn’t open your email the first time, with an auto timed follow up email using a different subject line >>


Reporting by device

Our reporting by device capability is the first of its kind to show you not only what device your email campaign was opened on but also which browser and operating platform was used.


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Heatmap reports show which areas of your emails are getting attention, in order of popularity - and even show links which go on to get repeat views, so you can really understand what makes your recipients tick.

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