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Customer success by sector

We are lucky to work with marketers from many different industries and they've been doing some great email marketing campaigns such as LA Fitness encouraging members to attend after Christmas and Park Holidays automating and personalising for each of their member types.

London Clubs International, who run casinos across the globe, have been using SMS marketing to offer their members discounts, with a growing database of 10k plus!

Customer success in B2B email marketing


B2B can be a very different beast to traditional B2C. See how some of our clients create excellent and innovative email marketing campaigns   

Customer successes in the charity industry


We're pleased to say we work with many fantastic charities here at Pure360 towers. Some of the most interesting and original email marketing campaigns come out of this sector   

Customer successes in the Retail industry


E-commerce clients need intricate, segmented and well crafted email marketing campaigns. We're pleased to say that our E-commerce clients have delivered exactly that whilst using PureResponse.   

Customer successes in the Retail industry


Education - find out some of our customers create and send fantastic campaigns   

Customer success in the entertainment industry


Customers that are in the entertainment industry need their emails to be as engaging & interesting as their product. We believe our customers deliver exactly that with some of the email marketing campaigns.   

Publishing in the email marketing industry


Publishing is one of the most competitive sectors of all industries. In such a competitive market marketers need to ensure they stand out from the crowd.   

Customer success in the technology industry


The technology industry is another competitive market, given the nature of it's business it's absolutely essential that email marketing campaigns offer value in an innovative way.   



Travel is a massive industry with massive competition. See how Pure360 customers stand out from the crowd