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Customer success by objective

When marketers speak to our team about why they want to use email marketing there are some objectives that are popular, such as retailers wanting to drive purchases and fitness clubs looking to increase membership numbers. Other objectives are based on saving time within the marketing department or looking to just make their campaigns work harder.

It's important to set an objective in your mind before doing your email marketing campaigns (or SMS ones), so you can measure how well or (or not) it went - that way you're not wasting your money on a channel that's not performing for you.

Automated email marketing

Automated Campaigns

Automated email marketing is an essential tool for many marketers as they seek to keep engaged with a large number of users with minimum of fuss. PureResponse allows you to do exactly this, see how some of our fantastic customers employ automated email marketing strategies.


Building engagement through email marketing

Build Engagement

Building engagement is at the very core of most marketing campaigns and email marketing is one of the very best ways of doing exactly this. Pure360 have worked and consulted with many brands whose mission it's been to build engagement, take a look at some of the best ways this has been applied. 


Email marketing consultancy


One of our core principals at Pure360 is to improve results together with our customers. Many of the most successful email marketing campaigns we've been a part of have come from the consultation we've given our customers. Take a look at some of the best examples of this. 

Customer retention through email marketing

Customer Retention

Customer retention is an essential factor in all marketing teams strategy as there's no point in acquiring new business if your current ones are leaving you. See how some of our fine customers have best gone about retaining customers. 


Deliverability in email marketing

Deliverability & Opt outs

Deliverability is an essential consideration when creating, sending, and reporting on email marketing campaigns. See how Pure360 have helped some of our clients deliverability issues to ensure they're hitting those all important inboxes.  

Driving purchases through email marketing

Drive Purchases

Driving purchases from email marketing campaigns is the bread and butter of many marketers strategies when sending out campaigns. Find out how some of our lovely customers have mastered this with aplomb. 

Driving website traffic through email marketing

Drive Website Traffic

Gaining visitors to your site in order to increase awareness of your product is another widely used strategy. Here Pure360 show how some of our customers have been the best exponents of this. 

Growing your email marketing database

Grow Database

The key to successful email marketing is sending your emails to fantastically well segmented lists. Growing your database is the first step in acquiring segmented lists. See how some of Pure360's customer shave done this to great effect.

Customer successes - bookings

Increase Bookings

Email marketing is an essential tool for increasing bookings to an event. Pure360 work with some of the biggest customers in this industry, see how they've gone about increasing bookings. 

Subscribers - customer successes

Increase Subscribers

Increasing subscribers to daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters is a regular desire of many email marketers. Take a look at some of the innovative ways Pure360's customers have gone about doing this.  

Email marketing integrations


We offer a wide range of integrations with fantastic software's here at Pure360. See how some of our customers have combined PureResponse and one of our integrations with huge success. 

Lead generation through email marketing

Lead Generation

Leads are the life blood of many businesses. Email marketing is proven to be one of the leading marketing mediums for generating leads. See how some of our customers have gone about created innovative ways of generating leads. 

Email marketing newsletters


Newsletters are many marketers first thought when thinking about email marketing. There are so many different ways to create engaging and original content for newsletters. See how some of our customers have gone about it. 

Personalisation in email marketing


Including great personalisation within email marketing campaigns can help create a great rapport between the sender and sendee. See how some of our fantastic customer have gone about using personalisation in innovative ways. 

Email marketing reporting


Reporting on your email marketing campaigns is the best way to learn how you can better your campaigns performance next time around. The case studies in this section highlight some of the great ways our customers have made reports work for them. 

Segmentation in email marketing

Segment & Target

Segmenting and targeting is one of the keys to creating successful email marketing campaigns. See how some of our lovely costumers have gone about segmenting and targeting in unique ways with massive success.  

SMS marketing success

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has been around a while and isn't going anywhere fast with the popularity of smartphones. Some of our customers have used SMS in fantastically innovative ways, see how they've executed their campaigns here.  

Social media integration

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media and email marketing can create double the success for marketers. In this section see how users have applied our popular posting to social, Facebook register and email marketing features with excellent results. 

White label email marketing

Whitelabel & Resell

Some of our white label and resellers have achieved fantastic results. Within this section you'll see how being a white labeller or reseller can pay off big.