Newsletter sign up and how they re-engage with subscribers

22 Jan 2013

Working in email marketing, I tend to have a slightly busier than usual inbox. Not only do I receive personal emails, newsletters and offers from some of my favourite brands, but I also subscribe to some of my clients’ emails (mostly so I can see how they render on an iPhone!). So, you can imagine, amongst all these other emails, the subject line “What are we doing wrong?” is one which stood out. In the midst of all the other not yet opened emails, this is the one I opened first.

I get emails from VoucherCodes all the time. I have been a newsletter subscriber for a long time. I feel as though I am a loyal customer. Along with everyone else, I love discounts! The problem is that I have also downloaded their app. So now, I can access the discounts I want and need when I choose to need them and use them. This doesn’t mean I don’t want to be alerted when there is a great offer on something that might be of interest, which is why I continue to receive their emails. The issue for VoucherCodes is that this means I won’t unsubscribe, because I want to keep seeing their emails, but it also means that if I know I am not ready to engage, I skim over the subject line and don’t open the email. In their eyes, this means I am not engaged.  But that’s not true! I am engaged!

The solution? Well, VoucherCodes have put in place a re-engagement plan, here is the first email I got:


What they did well 

Subject Line - I opened the email because of the great use of subject line. My initial feeling was one of guilt. It wasn’t about what they had done wrong, it was more about what have I not done to make them think there was something wrong! I am guessing the open rates for that kind of use of content was pretty high.

Preference Centre – they finally have a preference centre! Yay! This means that as a consumer, I can update what I get, making it more relevant, making their emails far more useful to me. Their open rates and click rates (and therefore ROI) will only improve because of this.These are the options they gave:


Unsubscribe – why unsubscribe when I can just update my preferences? And if you still don’t want to, they have given a really clear opportunity to do so. Why send emails to someone who doesn’t want to get them? You’re just wasting your marketing time and money.

Sales opportunity – Did you see it? They have specifically chosen some of the most popular brands as a gentle and very subtle reminder of the discounts you could be missing out on. Their tone was really friendly and supportive.

So what happens if I don’t engage with this email? What would they do? Going back to working in email marketing, I wanted to see what would happen, lucky for me my colleague went the other way, she received the same initial email as me and didn’t re-engage.  Over the course of the next two weeks she received an email a week warning her that if she didn’t take action then she would be unsubscribed.  VoucherCodes stayed to true to their word and after no interaction during this period they unsubscribed her. The email they sent to confirm this had a large ‘Time to say goodbye’ banner and explained that she could still re-subscribe any time.  

If recipients aren’t interested in your emails then what’s the benefit in sending them?  Lack of opens/clicks will only end up affecting your overall campaign results. With Pure360 recently launching its re-engagement tool, I am excited to start working on further evolving some of my clients existing re-engagement plans.

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