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Using email with social media - the basics

13 Feb 2012

Hi I’m Tom, I have been at Pure360 email marketing towers for a year now.  I joined the Pure360 family  on our new business team and recently  moved into our lovely account management team so I can help people like you earn more from your digital campaigns.

I am putting together a series of blogs to underline the importance of using various digital mediums together to make your overall campaigns more powerful.  In this blog I am going to explain the basics of using social media with email marketing to project your emails and build a bigger, more valuable list.

Using social media links within your emails

Remember; your audience is no longer the size of your list. People like to share, so help them do so!

What are social media links?

Social links are small icons or text links in your emails that link to your businesses branded social page to encourage recipients to follow you.


Why use them?

Those customers that subscribe to your email communications are the most valuable as they have given your brand permission to enter their lives through the inbox. People are accustomed to receiving monthly newsletters or the odd special offer via email but constant bombardment can lead to them disengaging or unsubscribing. Social media gives you more of a right to communicate multiple times per day giving you the opportunity to build a stronger relationship.

So, don’t forget to add links in your email to your business Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, Google+ etc...  if you can get your email subscribers to follow you socially as well then you have a winning combination of all over brand conversation.

How to use them

My advice would always be to have your social links at the top of your email content as this is the optimum position to capture those all important Likes and Follows.

What is social share?

Social share is simply a link that once clicked automatically posts a web based version of your email message to the recipient’s social network of choice, enabling them to share your content with their connections therefore helping you reach a larger audience.  Here’s a basic example which also encourages readers to send to a friend.


Why use them?

You have spent time putting together beautiful creative and witty content to wow your customers but remember they have friends too, and it’s a given that their friends have similar interests to them. By adding simple share options to your email creative you can magnify your audience making each email send more powerful and in turn optimising your awareness and chance to sell.

How to use them

The PureResponse snippet manager allows you to automatically generate the HTML code to build a Social share block which can be pasted into the content of your email. Once created I personally believe the social share buttons best sit at the end of your message, this is because the recipients are more likely to share your message with their network once they have read all your content.
In my next blog I will be writing about how to use Facebook correctly and how to monetise your Facebook page through email marketing.


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