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Questions and answers about Pure360’s IP verification process

08 Feb 2012

Being safe in the knowledge that your email marketing account is all nice and secure feels good. At Pure360 we know this and we like to make sure you feel good and have no need to worry.

So, as an extra layer of security, we have introduced an IP verification process. Lots of businesses already do this; you create an account and receive an email just to confirm you are you and that’s what we’re doing. You’ll only need verify your IP once, after that you can carry on logging in just as before.

Now, we know there are going to be cases where there’s an old email address on the account or your colleague needs to get access so here are a few of the most commonly asked questions, and the answers.

Q: Other people have been sharing my login, can we all still use this?

A: Sharing logins can be seen as a bit of a security risk; not to say your colleague would be doing anything untoward, it’s just the more people who have access to your login the harder it is to track who’s done what.  If you need to get some more people added to your account you can get in touch with your Account Manager or a member of our support team.

Q: Someone has left the company and we need to update the login email address, how is this done?

A: It takes two shakes of a lamb’s tail for us to update your email address. If you think the account contact details need to be brought up to date, drop us an email or give us a call.

Q: I work from different locations (and therefore different IP addresses) how can I get access?

A: We know that life’s hectic and you’re always on the move. If you need to log in from a different location, no worries, you’ll just need to verify this new IP. You can log in from as many IPs as you need; each one just requires a one off verification.

Q: Our IP addresses are always changing, will this prevent me logging in?

A: This is the same as above. Not a problem at all, it’s just that each new IP will need to be verified once. And there’s always the option of setting up a static IP.

Q: Why haven’t I received the verification email?

A: It may sound obvious but just give your junk folder a once over first. If it’s nowhere to be seen you can give us a quick call or drop us an email and we’ll track it down for you.

Q: I’m getting a verification mismatch error, how can I stop this?

A: You’ll get this notification if you are trying to log in through a different IP to that which the email has been received.  So for example, you’re trying to log in from one place but your colleague has received the email to their machine, it won’t recognise you being the same person. Make sure you are accessing the account AND your email on the same machine.

So, all you need to do is make sure whoever is accessing the account also has access to the associated email address and it’s all done on the same machine, then we know you’re you and everyone’s safe and happy. Essentially it’s just a little extra step for bigger better security and sound peace of mind.

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