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At Pure360 we work closely with companies to improve email marketing and SMS results so, on this blog page, our experts give the kind of advice and thoughts that we provide our clients with every day.

Eight great fonts you’ll be clamouring to use in your email designs

Email design isn't just about imagery, typography can be just important and ensures that your emails make a (positive) lasting impact. In this blog Katie discusses the must have email fonts for 2015.

27 Jan 2015

An insight into how we release new features

With our new Drag & Drop Editor in rollout, we thought that we should talk more about how we release features to our customers, and why thats important to keep our platform best-in-class. 28 Jan 2015

By the numbers - How to effectively target your email campaigns

Good email marketers know the importance of targeting campaigns. However, according to our research, 39% of email marketers don't have an email strategy in place, let alone a targeting strategy. It's not too late to begin though!

09 Jan 2015

Round-up of email marketing in 2014

A new year for email marketers means new excitement, new campaigns and new challenges. But how could we possibly improve moving forward if we don't take time to reflect on the changes in the email marketing climate over the past 12 months? Here's a quick round up of all things email marketing in 2014.
08 Jan 2015

Essential marketing resources from the archives

We’ve been in the business of email marketing for a long time and have produced reams of valuable marketing lessons in our blog, whitepapers and articles. As we’ve published so much useful content, it might be daunting to dig through our archives, so this is the one place where you can find every useful article about getting started in email marketing. 06 Jan 2015

Introducing the Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor

I am really excited to introduce to you the new Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor.  This is something that our customers have been clamouring for, and we could not be more proud of it.
31 Dec 2014

What is single customer view and why do you need it?

You've probably heard of 'single customer view' (SCV) - a solution which helps you determine how successfully your email marketing campaigns have performed by presenting a holistic picture of your recipients' actions. If you don't have it, you ought to. 15 Dec 2014

Launching the Pure360 API documentation hub

Over the last year we have received some great feedback on how we can evolve and improve our developer facing documentation that enables you to integrate your existing platforms with our application for seamless synchronisation.

After much research into best practice we are proud to announce the launch of our new format Application Programming Interface (API) documentation. 12 Dec 2014

Breaking down the barriers of SMS marketing

When talking about SMS marketing, the idea is dismissed quickly due to a fear that texting recipients is too intrusive.In this blog Liza addresses common questions to help marketers understanding the potential of SMS.
10 Dec 2014

Seven benefits of an integrated multichannel campaign

Businesses that can communicate a consistent message, look, and feel across the board are far more likely to win the battle for customer attention. In our latest blog Celia discusses seven benefits of integrated multichannel campaigns. 10 Dec 2014

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