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At Pure360 we work closely with companies to improve email marketing and SMS results so, on this blog page, our experts give the kind of advice and thoughts that we provide our clients with every day.

So, how do you actually measure email engagement?

Email marketing is easily measured; email engagement is a bit tougher. It goes deeper than the key metrics (delivery, opens and clicks) presented in your send reports for individual emails. So, how can you measure your email engagement? Here are a few tips from Account Director, Chantelle.
15 Apr 2015

You've got their attention, now get interaction: How to build engagement through email marketing

Interaction between your customers and company is called engagement. But what is it really? How can you build it and what can you use it for? Find out in Cherry's latest blog.

15 Apr 2015

Quick wins for easter email marketing campaigns

Whilst Christmas is (rightly) seen as one of the best times of year to ramp up email marketing campaigns, that shouldn't mean it's the only time to do so. In fact, imaginative, engaging and well-thought-out Easter campaigns can have an equally positive effect.

17 Mar 2015

Ten insightful nuggets of customer data you should be collecting for your marketing

With all of this potential data out there to gather, there's really no excuse for not knowing your customers and prospects! In her latest blog Pure360’s Marketing Manager Hannah Ward gives you her top ten pieces of customer data you should be collecting for your marketing. 06 Mar 2015

Email marketing tips to help you get to know your customers better

What turns them on? What makes them tick? What music do they like? What clothes do they wear? There are two sets of people who think these sorts of questions on a regular basis: the first are experienced and enthusiastic blind daters, and the second are email marketers. In his latest blog Paul explores the email techniques you can use to get to know your customers better.
04 Mar 2015

Pure360 Customer Intelligence - offering a new level of insight and targeting

We're very excited to launch our new Customer Intelligence solution this week!Find out more in Russ's latest blog.

23 Feb 2015

Drag & Drop Editor : The evolution of a product; You said, we did!

As you may know, we have been very excited about releasing our new Drag & Drop Editor. In this blog Matt explains what we've done with the great feedback we've received so far.
18 Feb 2015

Introducing the new Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor: Part 2

Kav's previous blog gave an overview of the new Pure360 Drag & Drop Editor and how it has been designed to be the most user-friendly on the market. In this blog he takes a deeper look at some of the great features and how they will help to streamline your existing email creative workflow. 02 Feb 2015

Eight great fonts you’ll be clamouring to use in your email designs

Email design isn't just about imagery, typography can be just important and ensures that your emails make a (positive) lasting impact. In this blog Katie discusses the must have email fonts for 2015.

27 Jan 2015

An insight into how we release new features

With our new Drag & Drop Editor in rollout, we thought that we should talk more about how we release features to our customers, and why thats important to keep our platform best-in-class. 28 Jan 2015

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