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At Pure360 we work closely with companies to improve email marketing and SMS results so, on this blog page, our experts give the kind of advice and thoughts that we provide our clients with every day.

Coming Soon! The exciting new features from Pure360

2015 marks a significant change in our platform as we introduce an array of industry leading features and usability improvements. Find out more in this latest blog by Head of Product, Matthew Oliver.

28 Nov 2014

Protect your reputation this Cyber Weekend

This Friday is Black Friday and Monday is Cyber Monday. This means that anyone with a web-shop be gearing up for some seriously busy shopping days.However, if you are not careful your email sends for Friday can stop you getting delivered on Cyber Monday. Here’s a few tips to help you protect your sender reputation this Cyber weekend

25 Nov 2014

The principles behind Pure360's 'Customer First' initiative

Last month in Matt's post on improving Customer Experience he explained how we speak internally about 'Customer First' thinking. In our latest blog UX Lead, Barry, digs a little bit deeper and talks about the principles used to guide that mindset.
21 Nov 2014

Five reasons to adopt targeted email marketing right now

More often than not, one size does not fits all. This is especially the case when it comes to email marketing. Targeting is essential if you want to offer your recipient a unique experience. Find out how to do just this in Becky's latest blog.
18 Nov 2014

A mini-guide to email open rates

Before you plan what you want to achieve from your upcoming email, think about what you achieved from the latest one. If you're not currently using an email platform which provides you with the relevant statistics, allow us to briefly explain what the open rate is, and how it's calculated. 14 Nov 2014

5 ways Costa made their Christmas campaign stand out in my inbox

With Halloween now over marketers will soon be thinking about the next marketing opportunity and as a recipient your inbox will be hit full force with Christmas emails and promotions. So what can marketers do to make sure theirs stand out? For Kayleigh, Costa hit the nail on the head. In this blog she explains why.
06 Nov 2014

Improving the customer experience - a word from Pure360’s Head of Product

In our latest blog Head of Product, Matthew Oliver, talks us through the changes which have been made to our Product and Development teams and gives us an insight into the future of Pure360.

24 Oct 2014

Three ways to stand out in a busy inbox this Christmas

At this time of year many marketers are concerned with ensuring their Christmas email campaigns are fully optimised to reap the rewards of Christmas consumer spend.  But before you design and schedule your campaigns there are a few things you should consider to help you stand out from the crowd.

09 Oct 2014

Knowledge is Power - the benefits of integrating your CRM and ESP

CRM and email marketing systems do different, specific jobs but they will offer much greater benefits when their areas of expertise are integrated into a unified effort. In this blog, Matthew talks about the benefits you can reap.
24 Sep 2014

Reach for the stars with Hollywood content

Have you ever thought of taking email marketing inspiration from Hollywood? In this blog Paul discusses how you can produce relevant and compelling content for your audience, just like Hollywood.
19 Sep 2014

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