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At Pure360 we work closely with companies to improve email marketing and SMS results so, on this blog page, our experts give the kind of advice and thoughts that we provide our clients with every day.

What is single customer view and why do you need it?

You've probably heard of 'single customer view' (SCV) - a solution which helps you determine how successfully your email marketing campaigns have performed by presenting a holistic picture of your recipients' actions. If you don't have it, you ought to. 15 Dec 2014

Launching the Pure360 API documentation hub

Over the last year we have received some great feedback on how we can evolve and improve our developer facing documentation that enables you to integrate your existing platforms with our application for seamless synchronisation.

After much research into best practice we are proud to announce the launch of our new format Application Programming Interface (API) documentation. 12 Dec 2014

Breaking down the barriers of SMS marketing

When talking about SMS marketing, the idea is dismissed quickly due to a fear that texting recipients is too intrusive.In this blog Liza addresses common questions to help marketers understanding the potential of SMS.
10 Dec 2014

Seven benefits of an integrated multichannel campaign

Businesses that can communicate a consistent message, look, and feel across the board are far more likely to win the battle for customer attention. In our latest blog Celia discusses seven benefits of integrated multichannel campaigns. 10 Dec 2014

Pure360 celebrate 10 years with innocent!

As December fast approaches we were delighted to discover a special milestone was coming up for one of our favourite clients, innocent. On 14th December it will be 10 years since innocent sent their first email using PureResponse - that means they’ve been a Pure360 client for over 10 years! 08 Dec 2014

Four ways to create a consistent customer experience across multiple marketing channels

An inconsistent customer experience across multiple marketing channels can do great damage to your bottom line. Luckily, it's a leak that you can plug. In this blog Marketing Manager, Hannah Ward, discusses a few ways you can create a consistent customer experience across the board.

03 Dec 2014

Maximise your return on investment this Christmas

The Christmas period is like 12 months crammed into six weeks, travelling at 100 miles per hour. Find out how you can make the most of this time in Katie's festive blog.

02 Dec 2014

Coming Soon! The exciting new features from Pure360

2015 marks a significant change in our platform as we introduce an array of industry leading features and usability improvements. Find out more in this latest blog by Head of Product, Matthew Oliver.

28 Nov 2014

Protect your reputation this Cyber Weekend

This Friday is Black Friday and Monday is Cyber Monday. This means that anyone with a web-shop be gearing up for some seriously busy shopping days.However, if you are not careful your email sends for Friday can stop you getting delivered on Cyber Monday. Here’s a few tips to help you protect your sender reputation this Cyber weekend

25 Nov 2014

The principles behind Pure360's 'Customer First' initiative

Last month in Matt's post on improving Customer Experience he explained how we speak internally about 'Customer First' thinking. In our latest blog UX Lead, Barry, digs a little bit deeper and talks about the principles used to guide that mindset.
21 Nov 2014

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