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Shopping bag TN

Email marketing tips for retailers

Retailers are among the most prolific users of email marketing campaigns. After all, you'd be hard pushed to find anyone that's done even just a little online shopping who doesn't get email updates from some of their favourite brands. So with such opportunity open to email marketers, what are the key tips and considerations to always bear in mind?

Subject line excellence TN

Subject line excellence in email marketing

We're going to say something controversial: the humble subject line is the most important part of your email marketing campaign. There, we said it! Where should you start, though? Here are our top tips on what to do and what not to do to achieve subject line excellence...

Worldcup TN

Email marketing tips for the World Cup

Brazil 2014 - unless you have managed to squeeze your eyes and ears shut for several weeks now then you know it's happening. So how can you harness it for your email marketing efforts? Find out in our latest article

Make email even easier TN

Tips to make your email marketing even easier

Using reports to your advantage, checking the credentials of your chosen ESP and tapping into the ESP's knowledge can go some way to making your email marketing campaigns a breeze. Here are some additional points to make your email marketing even easier than before.

Improving automation TN

How email can improve your marketing automation

Converting leads into sales isn't always easy, especially when you're also trying to encourage existing customers to make further purchases. This is where marketing automation comes in; it's a useful tool which can help to personalise campaigns and push prospects through the sales funnel.

Get the most from your ESP TN

How to get the most out of your ESP’s customer support

Many people do not take full advantage of their ESP's customer support team. These people are experts in their field, naturally and eager to help you with your queries, but that's not all they can do to help make your campaign the most effective you've ever run. Find out how you can get the most out of your ESP's support service in this article. 

Integrating CRM TN

The importance of integrating email with your CRM

Email marketing and CRM systems have two very clearly defined roles in business. The two technologies are similar to the marketing and sales teams in many ways. While the teams play distinctly different roles, their objectives are ultimately the same. Find out more in our latest article. 

Email list TN

How to build your email marketing list

Much like social media, email marketing relies on a two-way connection for its functionality. All your efforts will amount to nothing unless you can encourage enough people to sign up and tune in. Find out how to do this in our latest article.

TN - Subject lines

Ten email marketing subject lines to avoid

Nothing encourages email subscribers to open a message more than an engaging subject line. This very short yet sharp delivery is the sender's very first port of call, make sure you get it right with our latest article.

May Day TN

Email marketing tips for the May bank holiday

For many, the May bank holiday represents a time for lots of eating, lots of drinking and a much-needed catch up or rest. Though for email marketers, the extended weekend is yet another chance to capitalise on a key calendar event.

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