'' Pure360 have been helpful from the off. They've given us a package & technical support that's spot-on and now we're able to send out something very pretty with no hassle.
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Thousands of marketers are using PureResponse to deliver results from their email & SMS marketing campaigns. See more

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It’s really important that your email marketing software can talk to all your other business systems, so we’ve made sure that PureResponse can do just that. See more

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Email Marketing

PureResponse is a powerful email marketing and sms platform packed with industry leading features. If you’re looking for a solution that can increase ROI, productivity and maximise efficiency then look no further. Whether it’s split content, social media, behavioural retargeting, or advanced automations PureResponse will help make sure email marketing is an integral and part of your marketing mix.

Powerful Features

The platform is only part of Pure360’s USP however, combine the platform with the best in class support and account management and you have all the email marketing services you need for success.

Great Deliverability

Getting your emails into the inbox is a top priority for Pure360 - it’s our life blood. Like many email providers we use Port 25’s PowerMTA to send billions of messages through a range of IP addresses. Like any serious email marketer, we implement best practice protocols such as SPF records, strong DKIM signing and more as they become relevant in the email deliverability industry.

Feedback loops are in place with major ISPs including, but not limited to, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft mail (Hotmail, Live, MSN, Outlook). In addition we perform list upload screening for known spam traps and run a unique quality score on lists for deliverability standards.

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Pure360 is an email & SMS marketing provider who specialise in helping businesses get the best results from their campaigns. We work with over 1200 organisations including brands such as Rightmove, Virgin and innocent drinks.  You won’t find a team more passionate about improving results together. Our customers stay with us through choice, not contract, and they tell their friends about us – but never their competitors.  

Members of the DMA

Members of the DMA, we’ve recorded a 10% higher open rate for our customers than the DMA average, leading to higher clicks and conversions for your email marketing campaigns. 

If you’re sending more than 50,000 emails per month, you need an email marketing partner who will work closely with you to achieve your digital goals and maximise your investment. At Pure360 each account managed client has a dedicated team who provide best in class consultancy on email and SMS strategy. Your targets are their targets, so they’re like a specialist extension of your marketing department.

Dedicated Account Management

This results-driven expertise is underpinned by enterprise level software that can support full integration with your other vital business systems to fully optimise your results and increase your ROI.

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Pure360 works for over 1200 customers and we store over one billion email addresses on our system. Organisations like the NHS, FT and a couple of banks we can’t talk about trust us to look after their data and because of this we take security very seriously. Pure360 has a dedicated live operations team whose responsibility it is to maintain the security of our system as well as ensuring it runs efficiently. 

Web Application security

Here are some of the protocols we have in place to prevent unauthorised access to your account:

To stop unauthorised access using stolen credentials we won’t allow access from a new location until it has been verified by the user.

When logging you have the option to do so via Https which will give you the same level of encryption used by online banking sites.

Any requests to change to accounts can only be made by verified users.

Server security

We host with 2 tier 1 hosting providers Rackspace and Peer1, both have ISO 27001 accreditation and to achieve this they have to implement security best practice in every area of their business. These are highly secure facilities, we’re confident that nefarious access to our servers via our hosting providers is almost impossible. In order to protect our estate from external attack we have a number of firewalls, IDS, IPS systems between your data and the outside world. For example we have a combination of hardware and software firewalls operating in addition to enterprise grade IDS/IPS systems.

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Whether you've used SMS marketing before or its new to your mix, it doesn’t have to be hard to get a campaign set up and sent out. Make SMS marketing an integral part of your marketing efforts and you could be astounded with the results.

300% increase in ROI 

Some marketers have seen a 300% increase in ROI with SMS over other traditional methods of marketing. The immediacy and mobility of the medium ensures direct communication with your audience. Personalisation, Sender ID, and Auto response are just a few of the features you can add to your fantastic campaigns.

Read in 3 seconds 

90% of all text messages are read in three seconds – so what better way to keep your customers up to date and informed during their relationship with you.

Pure360 have already helped The NHS better engage with their target audience whilst on the move, you can do the same with your database.

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Pure360 works and provides the email marketing software for 100’s of leading agencies and resellers in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Resell PureResponse

Reselling PureResponse to your clients couldn't be simpler, the software sells itself, and it’s Ideal for users who want to grow their ROI through reselling Pure360’s best of breed solutions and expertise in Email, SMS and Social.

White labelling 

If white labelling is more of your focus then we specialise in this too. We’re not talking about pasting on your logo, each white labelled interface has the full 24 customisable areas and of course your clients can then log-in via your own choice of URL, or even using a form on your own site. 

We also offer a generous referral scheme for users who are advocates of Pure360 and want to be rewarded for being so.

What's more we've got a dedicated site for all our Partners, take a look and see which of the packages best suits your business needs 





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